I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Several teenagers in a small-town in Colorado concoct a July 4th prank based on a frightening legend that goes awry when their friend ends up accidentally killed; however, the teens agree to keep their involvement a secret from the authorities, who continue to search for the man who apparently killed their friend. A year later, with the July 4th celebration coming up again, the teenagers realize that they're being stalked by someone who clearly intends on keeping the horrible legend alive by killing them off.

A group of teenagers in Colorado find themselves being stalked and killed one-by-one by a mysterious figure with a hook, exactly one year after they covered up a friends' accidental death... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasmine R (es) wrote: crazy but I watched all of it...the ending is scary

Onur C (fr) wrote: Conceptual donetation of supermarket is substituted with daily life expressions ( breath of authority, platonic love, peeping, enduring in silence) in a dramatical-comedy route.

Matt G (de) wrote: Pathetic and boring. This show was funny until they got too old. Now its just embarrasing.

Nikolai H (kr) wrote: Very creepy, full of (effective) jumpscares. Well-executed take on an old concept. Interesting enough backstory, though it could have been elaborated a bit more. Fairly bland characters, but that wasn't really an issue here. Solid flick.

Mikhail B (ag) wrote: Michael Moore twists everything to market us his truth. Criticism of modern capitalism and presentation of socialist ideas: lots of shocking facts, often irrelevant to the topic, packed in a visually unexciting cover. I listened with interest, anyway.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Coco Before Chanel, literally is about Coco before she started her own Chanel line. I like the acting, very natural and fitting, exactly what I would expect real life Chanel to behave. I like the individualist messages, you gotta work hard to achieve your dreams and don't let the others stop you. I like the idea of Chanel meeting the man who appreciate her unique ideas, like attract likes was well reinforced there. However, the plot seem fragmented and could use some polishing. The costumes were beautiful and the set was beautifully designed.

Kristal M (mx) wrote: This movie is so bad that I don't even have the words to describe how awful it is.

ELIJAH LAVONS MOMMY (ru) wrote: I love th movie and the book!

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Just Always liked this one ....a not to complicated SF-Action-Adventure movie ! SOMDVD

Freeman M (es) wrote: Keanu doesn't have an Oscar for a reason.

Joon Y (gb) wrote: I hardly give bad ratings but this one sucked elephant balls. It was terrible in all areas: the plot, the acting, and effects used. IMO, the director needs to learn more about creating better movies...

Milo N (gb) wrote: Simply one of the best musical comedies of the 90s.

Michelle T (gb) wrote: This movie is awesome!!!

Dave R (us) wrote: brilliant acting by the whole cast. however my problem was with the content of the story - and it's not because it is disturbing; it's how it's dealt with that's bothersome to me. namely, it's idealization of what i'll call "middle class values". the movie explores deviancy in many forms - deviancy from middle class norms. those that deviant from those norms are punished and brutalized in this film. and the film only comes to a "happy ending" when there is a shotgun wedding. overall i just found it to be reenforcing bad stereotypes about gender, race and sexuality.

Nikki Alice L (it) wrote: Tinker Bell is a cute kids movie.