I'll Never Heil Again

I'll Never Heil Again

A follow up to "You Nazty Spy", the stooges have taken over the country of Moronica. Moe is Hailstone the Dictator, Curly is a Field Marshal and Larry is Minister of Propaganda. The stooges are planning with their allies to conquer the world, which mainly consists of fighting over a globe. The former king's daughter gets into their headquarters and plants a bomb which Curly detonates. All ends well as the king regains control of the country and the stooges wind up as trophies on the wall.

A follow up to "You Nazty Spy", the stooges have taken over the country of Moronica. Moe is Hailstone the Dictator, Curly is a Field Marshal and Larry is Minister of Propaganda. The stooges... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moya W (fr) wrote: Well... I never really got into this movie the way that I had hoped. In the end all it really ended up being was okay. Some scenes were entertaining, whilst there were other scenes that I had a hard time comprehending, in the end this was a forgettable movie that doesn't really stay with you long enough to have any relevant thoughts about it.

Total S (ag) wrote: **Never Any Spoilers** Eh. Watchable WW2 drama/action flick. Hits a few of the right notes, but the low budget ultimately leaves this hanging pretty limp.

Oliver B (kr) wrote: dark and brilliant documentary.

Ken B (us) wrote: A roloorcoaster ride in ol fashioned horror/zombie fare with a great new take by several great directors and talented cast. The two movies tied together with trailers and post production treats is a gast. The 3 1/2 hour experience is one never to forget. A masterpiece !!

Marty M (nl) wrote: the greatest movie ever

Alexander M (jp) wrote: Sometimes we all need to help each other out. Just don't call yourself God. There is only one.

Janna L (ru) wrote: Maybe we should add a third category: movies rated above 90% are KILLER TOMATOES!!!!!

John N (us) wrote: A superb thriller based on the oppression of Native Americans caused by the greed of U.S. economic expansion. The film was shot on location at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota giving it a very authentic look. It contains some great shots of the American west which never ceases to evoke a deep spiritual awareness. I think it would be easy to "lose yourself" in such an untamed and mysterious region. Even though the ending keeps it from being a great movie, "Thunderheart" is a worthy film on par with "Dances with Wolves", "Broken Arrow", and "Black Robe".

Billie P (mx) wrote: Zorba the Greek (1976) came out during a time when Hollywood was reaching out in all kinds of directions to release films to butts in movie theater seats. This US-Greek production stars Alan Bates as Basil, a half-Greek, half-English man who is en route to Crete to take over his now-deceased father's mine there. In transit he meets Alexis Zorba (Anthony Quinn), who is a lively good-humored man who volunteers to do work for Basil. Zorba dances in the face of adversity, and he's not afraid to lie and bend rules in order to maintain a sense of playfulness, especially in this movie's world, which just seems to be such a bummer. Troubling, however, is the way in which the women in the film get so easily cast aside or how they're viewed as means to men's lusty ends. Basil's and Zorba's world is definitely a man's world, and women have no agency here. I'm thinking here of the Widow and Madame Hortense. You'll see.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: good noir-ish thriller.

Richard D (it) wrote: It's a B movie with a modest budget.A bunch of nearly invisible aliens have come to steal our minerals for whatever reason. The visual effects are creative, but they can get somewhat repetitive. The actors do well with the material they have, which I found to be surprisingly believable. Unlike most movies in this genre, the characters are surprisingly cooperative. There is no time for remorse when a character dies but a good number of leads die in the film.I guess the biggest missed opportunity was that this is just a popcorn film and doesn't really have much to say in regards to theme other than teamwork. It's in a weird spot, it's not bad enough to be made fun of but it's not good enough to be taken seriously. However, I didn't hate myself after watching so check it out if you want. If not, your not missing much.

Jenna I (mx) wrote: Pretty much unwatchable between the horrific accents, missing plot, opaque characters and Hustons schizophrenic directing. It barely has any moments except the end which manages to bungle even that with a comically long back and forth while screaming.