I'll Remember April

I'll Remember April

Four young boys find a shipwrecked Japanese sailor during World War II and struggle with the decision to save him.

Four young boys find a shipwrecked Japanese sailor during World War II and struggle with the decision to save him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil S (it) wrote: Amazing documentary about America's cyber warfare and the real reason behind the Iran deal. Brilliant and terrifying.

James W (fr) wrote: This isn't funny, which is quite important for a comedy. Bana is effective as a cocky suave reporter and gervais is a mash up of the put down upon Andy Millman and David Brent. But SC fails to be funny on an initially interesting premise. It feels like Gervais got bored of this idea the moment he finished the first couple scenes.

George C (nl) wrote: Here's another clip of the "Dine-In" film

Karlo B (mx) wrote: Boring as fuck. I wonder what's worse for Dario, seeing Asia acting this badly or being a half naked crack whore? Also, how did they achieve to overexpose the whole movie? On top of that, the whole movie looks like it's shot with a DV camera, and is shot in an overly shaky manner, because if it's hand held, it' art! Shitty movie.

Troy B (jp) wrote: This was a good thriller, suspense movie just not as creepy as they were goin for mainly for me because I've seen this type of horror concept before in the twilight zone and the outer limits. But it was very worth the rental fee.

Callie M (ag) wrote: A study of the truly bizarre. Fascinating.

Daniel K (ru) wrote: This is a really bad movie. But memorably bad.

Bheema D (es) wrote: A gripping and gritty mystery thriller that can appeal to the fans of the weird and everybody else with a strong stomach.

Becky F (es) wrote: A clear classic movie. One of Jack Lemmon's finest! Its a part that you will never have seen Jack play before.....go get it tiger!

anomaly (nl) wrote: Maybe if i was a Sex Pistols fan i'd appreciate this a bit more, as it stands though, it was nothing but screaming and vomiting for 2 hours. Nancy was annoyingly loud beyond words, almost making some scenes hard to watch due to ear bleeding.

Beau D (ag) wrote: The film has a large amount of humour, thanks in no small part to Beineix speeding up the film in any potentially comic (and a number of serious) moments in the film. The graphic sex scenes, and the frequent full frontal nudity are at times distracting. However, Betty's descent into madness is compelling and heart-breaking. A strange but well made film.

Henry M (es) wrote: Wasn't aware of this movie having such a low rating on this site! It honestly surprised me mostly because I very much enjoyed it and thought the glimpse into the life of residents of a trailer park in Detroit was something seldomly seen in Hollywood. Eminem gives a great performance and the ending never fails to remind why I became a fan of him in the first place.

Judith B (br) wrote: It's a very funny film. Snotty lot who don't like it.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)

Jimmy H (ca) wrote: When I was at the Hollywood premiere of this movie 16 years ago, I thought it was a good movie, but not a great movie. Today, "What Dreams May Come, takes on an entirely different meaning. You see it deals with death by suicide. It's Robin Williams, but it's not a lot of laughs...hardly any. It deals with the deaths of his characters entire family, and the hereafter. I suggest you buy not rent, and you buy in Blu-Ray as it is one of the most beautifully filmed movies you'll ever see. It takes on a journey through heaven and hell. My question, knowing how in real life, that Robin took his life, did he think about this movie. A question we'll never have answered. If you watch this movie with your older children, be ready for some heavy discussion and questions. This Robin Williams at his best as an actor.

David B (es) wrote: Iconic American cinema. An epic western for the ages.