I'll See You in My Dreams

I'll See You in My Dreams

The film is set in a small rural town that is haunted by the undead. Only one man seems to be able to stop them, and that is Lúcio, a worker whose wife recently turned into a zombie, forcing him to keep her locked in the basement. In a local tavern he finds a second shot at true love, but this blooming romance is threatened by the situation plaguing the town.

In a village inexplicable haunted by a plague of zombies, Lucio, an honest worker, is the only person who can fight then. He has matrimonial problems and hides Ana, his adorable wife, now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (ru) wrote: A stunningly beautiful film in the visual and narrative sense, told with a touch of fantasy, humor and bittersweet sadness. All this, hauntingly lovely music, and Jamel Debbouze, too. What more could a movie lover ask for?

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