I'll Take Sweden

I'll Take Sweden

Bob Holcomb will do anything to stop his daughter JoJo from tying the knot with her lazy boyfriend, even move her all the way to Sweden! But once they're "safely" out of the country, JoJo falls for a sly Swedish playboy.

Single father Bob Holcomb, dissatisfied with his daughter JoJo's choice of partner, seizes an unexpected opportunity to bring her on a trip to Sweden in order for her to forget all thoughts... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helen L (br) wrote: I found this entirely by accident on my local library's website and decided to check it out. I am so glad I did. Ten vignettes about realization, connection, and something just a little mystical -- these shorts will stay with me for a long time. My favorites were Gubbare, Zahir, Rice Plate, and to a lesser extent, Matrimony, Pooranmashi, Strangers in the Night, and Lovedale. I think this was very nicely done!

Kara J (ca) wrote: This isn't a kids movie. I saw it said kids and family in the genres thing, but there's a sex scene in this movie. The girl doesn't suit Radcliffe at all.

Artur C (de) wrote: I consider Fay a far better character than Henry, but this sequel just doesn't do any justice to the original or even to the true core of its lead.

Steve G (jp) wrote: The concept is pretty cool (a half-demon, half-human who executes rogue demons for the Catholic Church) but this is not a good movie. The special effects are made-for-TV quality, the acting is so-so and the dialogue is particularly bad.

Sandra D (ca) wrote: "They Know Each Other By Heart"I liked the songs and I especially liked the scene with the bulldog skateboarding, hehe. This was an ok movie about 2 aspiring artist trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

Conner T (ag) wrote: Funny animated film that blends childish humor with more mature subtext.

Des S (kr) wrote: I had hopes for this movie because it sounded interesting and was based on a true story, but it was sooo ridiculous!

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Francisco L (ru) wrote: Naked Gun is a well-acted movie that is predictable, unoriginal and very goofy, but for some spectators the joked will be enough too keep interest and enjoy it.

Stephen E (ru) wrote: Jim Jarmusch is the king of cinematic understatement. His films -- at least, his early ones -- are always composed of long takes, nuanced characters and rambling dialogue, and they never really seem to be headed anywhere. "Down by Law" is in glorious black-and-white (courtesy of cinematographer Robby Muller) and features understated humor at its finest. John Lurie, Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni are great as Jack, Zack and Bob and give us one of the best movie trios of all time. Basically, the film itself is nothing more than these the lives of these characters before, during and after their time in prison, and it's just as enjoyable as Jarmusch's previous effort, "Stranger Than Paradise."

Rendan L (ca) wrote: It may be dated now and its structure cliche but Gremlins remains a darkly fun, creative film. Grade: B-

Pradip B (ag) wrote: Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man BY PRADIP BISWAS The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man, one of the least popular works by Bernardo Bertolucci, is a revelation when a rich family man, an owner and father of an young boy goes overboard to re-open his closed cheese factory, Giovanni, the son, is kidnapped from the nearest point of the owner/father without a protest. Bertolucci creates a sordid drama involving his wife, rich buddies and others to raise the make-believe ?ransom? to retrieve his son.In fact, this is just a ploy that senior Giovanni fangles in association qwith his wife who does not her son is killed by the kidnappers. This is a moralitst Mr Bertolucci return to a fine form after his exceedingly hectic La lunaand an opus of excellent craftsmanship both in composition and execution of a plot both funny and tragic. However, here the pure Communist Bertolucci is absent and escapes organization of revolt through other characters. Notwithstanding, the style utilized in The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man is not that great innovative and keep the films to a chamber piece format. Very limited locational shots are found in the work. This miles away from The Conformist, a film that rattles our brains. The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man might be regarded as another transitional work constituting a bond between his movies in the seventies and eighties. As the film stands, in the end the viewers should go angry with the father, owner of cheese factor who believes in noting but being riches. If there is any lesson to be drawn, it is that Bertolucci still digs the up-market society with malice.