I Love Karditsa

I Love Karditsa

The first human clone (Mike) was robbed during a cigarette stop in NY. In order to escape from mafia he travels to Karditsa to change place with his clone (Grigoris)

The first human clone (Mike) was robbed during a cigarette stop in NY. In order to escape from mafia he travels to Karditsa to change place with his clone (Grigoris) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor T (it) wrote: A simplistic but highly informative/interesting documentary that not only gives you behind the scenes information but it also shows you the dissection of every De Palma film by the man himself. While I don't like De Palma as I find him a Hitchcock rip-off (from obvious thefts disguised as "homages" to simple things as their fascination/obsession with blondes) you can't deny the fact that he crafted some phenomenal films in his prime (with a couple of them being some of my favorites) and he is a master when it comes to camera work, so what better cinematic piece to show you his strengths and weaknesses, plus their being told by De Palma himself. Worth watching if you are a fan or a follower of his work.

Greg H (jp) wrote: Cumberbatch's portrayal of Assange is riveting and once again proves his talent to be far above the rest of the cast, however, the overall film leaves you wishing that perhaps, somebody else had put it together.

JH K (nl) wrote: Todo sigue igual. Kitano es capaz de hilar historias Yakuza interesantes, pero, siguen siendo historias lentas, dificiles de seguir no por complejidad si no por perdida de interes, y como casi cualquier pelicula japonesa, mediocres actores. Le suelo perdonar todo a Kitano, pero en este film, las escenas de accion estan inusualmente mal rodadas.

Moya W (kr) wrote: Blue Crush 2 should really have had another title. Because the only similarity it really has with the first one is the surfing and the somewhat 'crush', only this one happens to be more on the surfing than the falling in love part. And those two things might seem like the biggest parts of the movies, but they're not. Both movies have depth and emotion and when it comes to that they're not alike, because the main storyline isn't even close to being similar to one another. This one touched you a lot more than the first, this one proves that there's something worth fighting for and it shows a girl who's determined to search for where she comes from and to find out who she really is. Along with the amazing soundtrack this movie was definitely a movie that was worth a watch, even more than once!

WS W (us) wrote: All right in story. Both the directing & acting are rather raw however.

Spencer H (es) wrote: The characters of the movie are very dull and undeveloped, but the movie is very good, realistic, and dramatic. Lone Survivor is well acted and deserves to be watched.

Toby E (us) wrote: People seem to have slated this film but if you just give it a chance and look at it in a different light 'bob funk' is a classic black comedy picking the light side of alcoholism whilst still maintaining the dark side of things.

Noel K (ca) wrote: The French have been cranking out some sci-fi/futuristic flicks of late that look polished but lack dept

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: An important, admirable and fascinating story to tell, but simply not told very well. At times, the film becomes so slow that the flashy special effects are the only thing moving it along. The acting, directing and editing are also not of the highest quality, particularly that of Eddie Spears as Shane.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

George I (ca) wrote: what a piece of howling shit im snoop but this was a utter failure very freakin boring and terribly acted like seriously

Simon P (ca) wrote: The Czech flag of sexual weirdness flutters proudly in the absurdist breeze of Jan Svankmajer. Oddball fun but not quite dirty enough.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: 85%"Suede is a funny thing. It's rough but soft, it's strong but quite and doesn't wrinkle and doesn't crack, and doesn't stand out so much in a crowd of leather and vinel. You don't notice it at first but once you do, you can't take your eyes off it and you wonder how in the the Hell you ever overlooked it in the first place."-Johnny Suede (Brad Pitt)My generation is full of a bunch of man-children. I have to agree with critic Emanuel Levy in saying there are major Lynch and Jarmusch influences about the film.

Daniel R (es) wrote: Babysitter gets lost with her brood in Chicago in this fun summer comedy.

Henning B (br) wrote: Wieder nur ein Jahr vergangen seit dem letzten Film und schon wieder eine Riesensteigerung! Asterix bei den Briten landet bei den Asterix-Filmen bei mir auf Platz 2, die 4 1/2 Sterne haben eine deutliche Tendenz zur 5 ;)

Tuomas R (kr) wrote: Steve McQueen pit vaisun lnkkrin pinnalla.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 95%-Trust no machine-Why King didn't get an Oscar, I'll never know."Curtus, are you dead?"-Connie (Yeardley Smith)

Adam W (es) wrote: I like Stiffler and I like the Rock but this film is pretty shallow.Even having two actors I like doesn't detract that this is horse shit. A story dreamt up over a coffee break made real, fucking terrifying, a complete waste of time.