I Love Trouble

I Love Trouble

Rival Chicago reporters Sabrina Peterson (Roberts) and Peter Brackett (Nolte) reluctantly join forces to uncover a train wreck conspiracy and bite off more than they can chew while pursuing the story and bickering along the way - and falling in love, despite the fact that he's many years older than she.Sabrina is an ambitious, gifted reporter willing to do whatever it takes to learn the truth about the train accident, which leads her into conflict, then reluctant partnership, with fading star newsman Peter who works for a rival paper. He is her polar opposite: he chases women, smokes cigars, and has just published his first novel. During their pursuit of the story, Peter and Sabrina clash over virtually everything - he also subjects Sabrina to indecent exposure in front of a group of boy scouts after he catches her skinny dipping.

The film follows worn-down Peter Brackett (Nick Nolte) and ambitious Sabrina Peterson (Julia Roberts), reporters working for rival newspapers as they join forces to unravel the mystery behind a train derailment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: This is more entertaining than the original, but the story is empty. This has a lot more comedic scenes though, and it helps to make the movie better. Worth seeing if you like old school action.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: better than the original version of this is 40

Dailiesel M (fr) wrote: excellent films good job

Jason S (jp) wrote: A cool adventure flick even if it doesn't drag a little.

Sanity Assassin (au) wrote: dolph lundgren stars in more than one good film! the other one is red scorpian but this aint bad either. well two if you don't include the childrens film... masters of the universe. this is just a solid action flick

Kathy L (fr) wrote: Very entertaining. I didn't know about the music scene in Manchester so I found it all interesting. Great performance by Steve Coogan.

Suveera A (ag) wrote: An amazingly insightful peek into the seedy world of Indian girl dancers and gangsters, with Tabu's breath-taking performance the highlight of the show. The actor playing Potiya is absolutely mesmerizing and the story heartbreaking.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: What a great way to describe current politics and in 1955! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Eric H (fr) wrote: The overall movie itself is utterly boring, and hardly funny at all (save the restaraunt scene and the airline flight). The plot offers nothing that is really attention-grabbing. Even if the story was entirely about two people trying to conceive, the writers could've figured out several hilarious mishaps to develop out of that. Second, the main characters are completely boring. They are complete silouhettes of dumb 1950s comedies with happy wife and clueless husband. So, even without mishaps present in the plot, the characters themselves offer nothing interesting, let alone funny.

Dan R (ru) wrote: another hong kong classic, some great fights, and stuff.

Emod L (mx) wrote: 47%It's pretty bland.

Mike T (br) wrote: Elia Kazan uses color brilliantly in this film, giving it an autumnal tone and atmosphere that emphasizes its quiet sadness. Beautifully subdued and patiently paced, the movie's power settles in a few minutes after the closing credits have rolled. Montgomery Clift's performance is outstanding, and he shares great screen chemistry with Lee Remick. I was forced to watch this picture on Youtube, but its potency shone through despite the bad quality of the transfer.

Trevor E (es) wrote: very beautiful piece. emphasis on character and story more than anything. kind of predictable, but it must have been a riot in its hayday. good times overall. another great hit for lang.

Cameron M (nl) wrote: though multiple plot points and character choices feel a bit forced, !0 Things I hate About You has a decent cast and a nicely updated script from it Shakespearean source material making for a fun 90's teen movie.

Robert I (fr) wrote: Pretty lame action film for Chow. Some nice moments, but overall pretty dumb.

Kenneth C (es) wrote: Really sweet film with great performances.

Jamey P (es) wrote: Terrible offering. Not sure how Pixar got saddled with this. Only suitable for little kids.

Jeff N (mx) wrote: It is a delight to see the great Bill Murray continuing to take on such different roles. While his portrayal of Vincent isn't much of a stretch comedically or even dramatically, it's a much braver choice than Groundhog Day 2, Scrooged 2, Stripes 2 and Ghostbusters 3. He genuinely looks like he's having fun and is quite natural playing the funny old guy who wants people to think he's a pain when really, he's quite the opposite. Melissa McCarthy finally plays a role that isn't an insult to her, and she's fantastic as the single mother of Oliver, the young boy who brings all of the main characters together and allows everyone to see Vincent for the good guy he actually is. Naomi Watts is almost disturbing as the hooker with a heart of, well, bronze maybe...I think gold might be a stretch. St. Vincent is precious. As an indie movie, it has its flaws, but is a precious film nonetheless.

David B (de) wrote: people says its like pulp fiction which there are elements, but i had no connection with this movie, others seem to like it but.

John F (es) wrote: 20 or so years since I last seen this one!!! was even better this time around... if you need that kid feeling... thud one for you. a story about slum tenants being bullied by the big corporation for skyscraper. visitors from another place come and....