I Love You Again

I Love You Again

Boring businessman Larry Wilson recovers from amnesia and discovers he's really a con man...and loves his soon-to-be-ex wife.

Boring businessman Larry Wilson recovers from amnesia and discovers he's really a con man...and loves his soon-to-be-ex wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (au) wrote: This started out very promising, and for the most part, I did enjoy it. However...the "Ghost" was such a bad actor in the third act that it nearly ruined the entire film. The three leads do show some promise though. I would like to see them in a better movie.

Alyan H (gb) wrote: A really poor take on a horror story!!! Dennis quaid rocks though!

Anna I (mx) wrote: I expected this movie to be another gritty rock n roll movie about drugs, etc., but that had very little to do with the focus of the movie. The focus was actually spirituality and the storyline incredibly unique. I didn't expect this movie to be as deep and thought provoking as it was. As depressing as much of the movie was, the ending was uplifting.

Lenard K (ag) wrote: Workers reminisce about a Chinese military factory that is being replaced with a housing development. Interesting mix of real interviews together with scripted actors isn't exactly a documentary, yet doesn't have a standard movie plot or conclusion.

Chelsea M (fr) wrote: Lame . There you go .

Sean L (mx) wrote: A truly remarkable documentary that gives us a rare glimpse into the world of truckers, giving the viewer a heightened appreciation for their line of work. It kept me engaged right to the end, dispelling alot of the myths and affirming others. Overall its a great rental thet runs at a smooth pace. Well worth four stars.

Meagan M (ca) wrote: i have to say that it was pretty good for plot and acting but i could do without all the cussing

Stephen L (au) wrote: Just a load of sex, blood and gore

Ricardo A (ca) wrote: Take it for what it is. The Roost it's a fun B-movie that knows how to play inside the horror genre.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: a fun little flick. Kyle MacLachlan is hallarious and has all the best lines. But the movie felt like there was 10 minutes cut out, espically during the beginning, some scenes felt cut in half.

Bill K (jp) wrote: "Life and Debt" shows the disjunction between the logic of the major institutions of the world economy and the lives of people in once isolated and distant areas of the globe. What sticks with me is that once the IMF's policies take hold, all local production is driven into dust by global competition, and the only work available to the people in general is the grueling drudgery of sweatshop labor. It's almost as though the original contract in the 1970s between the government and the IMF sold the soul of this nation.

Corey B (br) wrote: Extremely under rated movie with the best hollywood boxing fight ever shot in my opinion. This is one of those movies that I hold close, because this is one of the movies I love that most people dislike or know little of (and there are a few of them sadly).

Oisn B (jp) wrote: Soo good. I cough it late night on BBC 2.Peter McDonald and Brendan Gleeson such a brilliant pairing. 1 of a number of unknown low budget Irish films that deserve so much more viewing

Nick M (ag) wrote: *************************************************SPOILERS***************I will have my revenge.. in Deathstalker 2! And that is the first line spoken in this movie. This is definitely by far the best worst movie Ive ever seen! There is a fine line between a bad movie and a so bad its good movie. a bad movie tries hard to make a serious effort, hitting on some points while making laughable gaffs at other moments. This film falls under the best/worst category because it is a never ending cavalcade of terrible dialog, insane plot lines and easily the worst acting Ive ever seen. This movie is so much worse and better than the first installment in this series because the 1st film is a generally serious attempt at trying to cash-in on the 80s Conan the Barbarian films. This film is just a humorous and ridiculous film as a whole. It stands alone because everything is different form the first film besides the recycled stock footage from the original! Too much hilarious events and choices are made in this movie, and Id rather not ruin it for you because I actually believe this films is on an absolute equal level with Troll 2 waaaaaaaaay more than the original. The few things I will say are that the actress who plays Deathstalker's female companion is easily the worst actress in the history of cinema even beating out the lady Spielberg was nailing who was in Temple Of Doom, she acts like a 14 years old in their first comedy play, and the best part is.... shes in a dual role!!!! WHY!?!?!? The main villain would feel more at home in a hair salon than with a sword, and easily the least threatening villain Ive ever seen. And there is a 20 minute scene of Deathstalker wrestling a 300 pound 6 foot something red headed lady! And the last thing I will relinquish is fact that everybody in this film repeats everything twice or three times that they or another character says. Overall this movie is just plain awful but I highly reccomend this to anyone who has just come off of watching Troll 2 or is just looking for the worst movie ever made this is pretty close. So to give this rating is extremely difficult because how can you give such a terrible film good rating even if you enjoyed it, but I will here!

Stephen T (ag) wrote: A very good Hollywood-style movie about a real American hero actually starring the actual hero! Rejected by the Marines and the Navy, too short, too scrawny, and too young --- he wins more medals than anyone else in the history of the US military.

Chloe A (nl) wrote: 4 1/2 stars!Even though the book of love isn't based on the originals, it was still actually really good and I enjoyed it a lot! I laughed quite a bit at some points and it was actually kinda cute in a weird way!

Lauren W (it) wrote: I'm a wee bit intrested but not much

Carlos M (au) wrote: What first seems like a simple one-joke romantic comedy turns out to be about so much more: a deeply honest and sad story about the selfish (but real) need that some people have to control someone else so they can feel loved and make an ideal relationship work.

Carole T (kr) wrote: Ignore the bizarre premise; this is actually quite a sweet and endearing film.