I'm a Fool

I'm a Fool

Traveling from town to town during the summer of 1919, young Andy (Ron Howard) has left his Ohio home in search of adventure and romance as a horse trainer on the country fair racing circuit. Ashamed of his occupation, Andy leads Lucy to believe he's wealthy. Soon one deception leads to another... until there is no way to tell Lucy the truth.

A young horse trainer woos a woman with his lies of importance and wealth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kody K (fr) wrote: Literally the worst movie I have ever seen. Probably the first movie I have ever hated and I thought RIPD and Seventh Son were okay.

Tarn P (jp) wrote: The ultimate way to watch this movie!!

Krista B (kr) wrote: Not exactly the most original concept, and it moved at a painfully slow pace for the first bit, but the gore is great! Atmosphere too is very well crafted.

Raynard P (us) wrote: One of the great plot twists in documentary film. Pride goeth before the fall.

Taylor M (us) wrote: This film starts off as an unrequited love story, but then turns into quite a psychological film with some fantastic acting from Audrey Tautou et al. You will not hear one particular song the same way again.

Jose C (nl) wrote: Creo que solo puedo decir.... "Ah tienen su hijueputa casa pintada".....

Drew H (nl) wrote: Corey obviously needed coke money.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Burt is up on a murder rap but was too bombed to remember anything that went down. He then repeatedly neglects to provide important info to his public defender. Starting to consider the latter half of the 80s as another golden age for Reynolds.

Ross M (ru) wrote: City of the Living Dead is not your typical zombie film. The dead don't eat too many people, they can make people's organs come out of their mouth just by looking at them, and they can be killed by simply stabbing them in the abdomen. This will be confusing for those that only know the classic Romero rules. If you can look past that, there is still a fun, if not disjointed, Italian horror film to be watched. Gore fans will appreciate the signature effect of the back of the head brain grab ( maybe Fulci came up with a signature effect for each film?). In the end, the Gore effects and creepy atmosphere make up for the minimal story. 3 1/2 stars

Greg I (de) wrote: This movie was great. The story on skull island was amazing. It brought the entire mystery of King Kong to life. The film is long, but rewarding.

Bruce B (br) wrote: This is an excellent Eurospy movie, I thought this was going to be about female spy's but in turn its about the spy Bulldog Drummond and his stopping the assignation of a middle east oil baron, yes even in 1967 oil in the middle east was a big thing. Lots of neat spy stuff, like exploding cigar. Elke Sommer is beautiful as counter agent bad girl, and Richard Johnson plays an excellent Bulldog Drummon, only wished he did more films in this role. 4 stars

Filippo V (jp) wrote: Con Chronicle il tema gi visto e rivisto dei ragazzi normali con super poteri viene rivisitato in modo alternativo. La tecnica di ripresa particolare conferisce al film un realismo generale che coinvolge e diverte allo stesso tempo. Gli effetti speciali sono buoni, anche se in alcune scene in particolare sono piuttosto scadenti. Comunque con un budget cos limitato il risultato a mio parere non poteva essere migliore di questo.

Jacob M (br) wrote: A really fascinating look at a great movie that was never made.

Ken S (nl) wrote: Two kids running away from home stumble upon an abandoned cop car and decide to take it for a joyride. Unfortunately, the Sheriff that this car belongs to was in the midst of hiding someone he murdered...and another person is alive in the trunk. The Sheriff is hoping to get the car and the man in the trunk back before his illegal activities are discovered. It is a solid movie, I love that smaller thrillers like this are still being made...they are a welcome treat in the midst of all the overblown summer stuff.