I'm Dating You Not

I'm Dating You Not

Robert and Paula, office co-workers, start a relationship full of ups and downs to forget their respective ex. Will they make it?

Robert and Paula, office co-workers, start a relationship full of ups and downs to forget their respective ex. Will they make it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin J (us) wrote: pretty pointless film, didn't stimulate the mind really, ok if your into a bit of mindless thugery I suppose

Dennis F (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune to sit through. I began to feel tacks pushed into my forehead, buy an hour into it, the tacks had turned to nails. The director and cinematographer and sound engineers had the ability to create a sense of dread, but they didn't find a good script nor actors to do anything with it. On a plus, this could be used as an excellent example of what not to do. I thought for a moment they were going for a horror film version of THE ROOM. But it's worse.

Jake Z (kr) wrote: It's the uncommonly powerful sense of realism which permeates the film that makes it so unforgettable. It's not a happy ride, it's uncompromising in its grim, grisly, nasty, wrenching subject matter. The technical aspects-- direction, cinematography, haunting score, editing, performances which don't seem like performances at all-- Snowtown is in a sense flawless. However, its telling of the true story is a bit murky and leaves a lot of questions, never once explaining much to the audience. Thus reading up on the true story before seeing the film may be crucial for some viewers. Otherwise, Snowtown is just about perfect, but you may need a few showers and happy songs to listen to after it ends, so prepare yourself before you press play.

Brad F (fr) wrote: The movie seems more like a chore. The absolute boredom of this movie is staggering. Forgettable plot and really bad performances all round.

Jason R (au) wrote: A slice-of-life film from the female high schooler perspective. Fascinating film with amazing score.

Hieu N (nl) wrote: Don't get too excited with the plot. The movie was actually very light-hearted and not that intriguing.

Logan T (jp) wrote: I thought it was great to see Woody Allen kick loose in a truly vulgar way, something that you never see in his films. Many parts are very hilarious and a few other parts seem a bit old, but overall it's a pretty good piece in the Allen canon.

Tony N (ag) wrote: Anthony Quinn at his best

Davey M (ca) wrote: The black and white Scope cinematography, coupled with Preminger's masterful mis-en-scene, is beautiful and expressive, the editing is crisp, the score vibrant, the performances compelling (Olivier's easy charm grounds it and Coward's creepy madman is a highlight), and the story is suspenseful, twisty, surprising, scary, and genuinely disturbing, and can be read as something of a feminist reaction to the Ophelia-like character that crops up in so many horror movies--the sensitive, fragile woman driven to tragic madness. There are some noticeable influences, "Psycho" being one of them, and, like that movie, "Bunny Lake" intricately shifts its audience's sympathies by shifting the role of the protagonist throughout, a difficult narrative sleight of hand that is handled very effectively and nearly effortlessly, with even more subtlety than Hitchcock. The script flirts with camp at times, but the pulpy, stylish execution, the black sense of humor, and the real sense of humanity and compassion for its characters ultimately anchors it all down.

Elad W (us) wrote: This is what I would call a decent movie. The acting is good, the plot is alright and the action is very generic but still effective. Jason Sthatam delivers a nice performance as usual and the young Izabela Vidovic surprises me with a very good performance and shows so much talent. In conclusion this is a good action movie and some people will enjoy watching it I think, It's very underrated also...

Candice W (it) wrote: A wonderful movie filmed in my hometown! So many people poured their hearts and souls into it! So thankful to be a part of this experience.