I'm No Angel

I'm No Angel

The bold Tira works as dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair. Out of an urgent need of money, she agrees to a risky new number: she'll put her head into a lion's muzzle! With this attraction the circus makes it to New York and Tira can persue her dearest occupation: flirting with rich men and accepting expensive presents.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1933
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   circus,   elephant,  

The bold Tira works as dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair. Out of an urgent need of money, she agrees to a risky new number: she'll put her head into a lion's muzzle! With this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lori A (ru) wrote: Just saw Decoding Annie Parker last night at a sold out screening I organized in Indianapolis. The audience was filled with people whose lives have been touched by hereditary cancer. Loud applause at the end, and many thanked me for helping bring it to town. Samantha Morton's acting is seamless and totally believable. Her character, Annie, is a remarkable woman and this film did her justice. I liked the moves back and forth between the stories. One is warm and moving, the other is tedious and, yes, frustrating. I know cancer all too well and I know research (especially before computers) and both were portrayed realistically. There was humor, but in good taste. So many talented actors graced the screen without overpowering Annie, my hero. I may owe my life to Dr King's discoveries, so this film is truly important to me. Letting the world know about this important work and the 'citizen scientists' like Annie who play key roles today in any genetic research makes it worth a wider distribution. True stories always are worth sharing, especially when told so well

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Grayson W (fr) wrote: A beautifully shot Italian horror romance comedy with surrealistic undertones. The direction reminded me of Delicatessen or old Peter Jackson films.

Kimmy T (ca) wrote: I loved christian slater in his role. It was, yes, a chick flick but it had me squeling during the romantic parts and devastated when the sad moments came crashing in

Jordan T (gb) wrote: Quite honestly, I couldn't tell you what was happening. Mostly it was my roommates and my laughter and inattention to the entire piece...but somehow, I think it went way beyond that. This movie is an indescribable kind of bad.

roger t (br) wrote: Singlehandedly killed any interest I might have had in watching any other Chuck Norris movies.

Trenton R (nl) wrote: Death Race 2000 delivers the goods for a campy action flick while also providing sharp satire for those seeking more. 4/5 Great.

Donald P (ca) wrote: Well, what can I say? John Wayne. Not quite as good as Rio Bravo, but still the Duke made Rio Lobo worth watching.

Lauren B (jp) wrote: This was surprisingly cute even though I'm not a Lindsay Lohan fan at all.

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Jack H (fr) wrote: surprisingly good movie

Bob W (ca) wrote: I'd watch it again just to listen to the brilliant soundtrack by Morricone. This isn't as light-hearted as Good, the Bad and the Ugly but has two out of the three leads. At the end, our hero carts off all the bodies in a wagon. Does that give away too much?