I maniaci

I maniaci

Features a series of brief comic shetches based on manias, mainly sexual, featuring several figures of Italian society.

Features a series of brief comic shetches based on manias, mainly sexual, featuring several figures of Italian society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fredrik M (de) wrote: When I started watching this I didn't know what a "protagonist" was, but reading up on it afterwards made me understand the idea behind it. Even if the core subjects are trivial the persons in this film didn't talk to me. The value for me is the bit of insight to the human psyche it still gives.

Dror L (au) wrote: there are two ways of doing a stoners movie.the good way - and the way chosen by these guys

Nicholas K (fr) wrote: It's really bad, but in saying that, i found it very enjoyable

Kristin C (us) wrote: Winner at the Sundance Film Festival and there really is no wonder as to why. Zahn is hilarious and to see him discussing his fake homosexual relationship with Northam who has been out dancing with Macy . . . and I thought my life was dramatic.

Dustin G (mx) wrote: Decent movie. Good acting, the violence is amped and the movie itself is super gritty.The thing that mars it though is the poor writing, by the book plotting and vacations from reality that it occasionally takes.Dark stuff.

Julia L (de) wrote: I am not easily offended, but this movie was in poor taste.

Roberto U (it) wrote: Great story and great visuals!

Edgar C (br) wrote: Based on the true story of German film star Sybille Schmitz, famous for her appearances in films like Vampyr (1930) and the German propaganda Titanic (1943), Veronika Voss is a stylishly filmed tragedy about a reporter in the Munich of 1955 that tries to follow the story about the famous actress of the same name (Veronika Voss), and finds out that her self-destructive nature is even worsened by her personal Doctor who keeps her captive under the use of morphine to gain control of everything that belongs to Veronika, including her own life.What first stands out before anything is the immaculate visual style, which can be used as evidence of Fassbinder's aesthetic genius and cinematic versatility. The set design is so great and the usage of the B&W colors so vivid (ironically) that the film scratches the realm of the otherworldly. The whole aesthetic structure functions as a neo-noir of exaggerated contrasts, in which we barely get any grey tones. Everything is either blinding white or pitch dark. This is notable in the contrast between the utter darkness of the exterior scenery and the internal set design of the doctor's facilities, where the entire furniture is white-colored so that the only things that stand out are the characters' faces.Secondly, this is the third part of the BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) trilogy, and the story is credited to be reminiscent of Wilder's Sunset Blvd. (1950), showcasing the psychological downfall of an actress. Only this time, a crime/thriller element is added to the formula where an external party malevolently acts over the will of the actress, deteriorating all of Veronika's efforts to pull off a single scene successfully. The reference to Wilder's noir piece is acceptable, but not a direct comparison to see which one is precisely better, because both films play the cards very differently.Thirdly, I would dare to say the film inspired the visual style of several others in the future, starting with Zentropa (1991), the war neo-noir that debatedly inspired the comic-book look of the film adaptations of Frank Miller's comic books, but not only in the terms of visuals, but also plot handling and character development. What would make Veronika Voss special is the great ability of Fassbinder to construct a tragedy out of his BRD stories. Events escalate until reaching a tragic climax that turns all the preceding events upside down and makes you reflect on the purpose of it all. But the outcome always hits hard.One of the most special films of the decade and definitely one that was ahead of its time in its attempt to pay tribute to te genres that inspired it while drawing a map of influence and inspiration for other projects to come, Veronika Voss consolidates Fassbinder as one of the greatest minds to ever have worked in European cinema, a great artist, and a moving dramatist.94/100

Bill B (de) wrote: A decent enough ghost story, but Alice Krige is the best thing about this one, the plot itself is pretty boring overall, or maybe I'm just jaded and didn't really see any surprises to this one at all. I do like the idea of all these idiots getting their comeuppance, but what kinda ghost waits around until they've lived a long successful life to finally start taking steps against those who wronged her? Weird, right? Rental.

Nate T (jp) wrote: Slow moving but hit film version of the popular Broadway show. It introduces, "The Lady Is A Tramp," a Sinatra signature tune. On Blu-ray.

David B (es) wrote: Solid 1950s western action movie. Understaffed army forts trying to hold back the Apache raids. Although the scenes often reveal the low budget, the acting and story are very good and enough to draw you in.

Anuj S (fr) wrote: Like him or hate him. You simply cannot ignore him