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Shakti N (au) wrote: One of the worst movies I've seen in a while. Story is negligible, and the few remaining strands are ruined by the worst acting I've seen. Utterly disappointing, and pathetic movie.

cj o (ag) wrote: Unlike most Pokemon fllms, this one relied on an actual story rather than focusing on dazzling legendary powers.

Robyn N (jp) wrote: An exercise of trapped-space repetitiveness--this French thriller effectively keeps the tension and pacing extremely fast, and that would be putting it mildly. The movie never really gives you chance to really absorb everything that's going on--or enough time finding holes in it's story line. Every character has a clear objective; most of these objectives are in opposition to someone else's objective; and all of these people are dropped into one location to hash it out. There are no explosions or helicopter crashes, no multi-car chases causing millions of dollars in collateral damage. Just a winning combination of good old-fashioned fighting, shooting, and outsmarting. John McClane would be proud, and take note from his latest. Vincent (Tomer Sisley) is a well-respected cop, as well as a devoted husband and father. But below the surface, Vincent is involved with a very dangerous group drug dealers. When Vincent and his partner are caught stealing a massive quantity of cocaine from a powerful drug lord, the darker side of Vincent's life threatens to destroy his family and career. Vincent's son is kidnapped in hopes to reclaim his property. Vincent has until the end of the night to return the stash and save his son. Director Frederic Jardin cheerfully plunges ahead at a manic pace, as Vincent absorbs an incredible amount of punishment. Stabbed in the mid-body during the morning drug heist, he continues to bleed while climbing-and running through the club- and then engaging in hand-to-hand altercations. "Sleepless Night" is lean on logic, but Jardin's control of tempo and tone is explosive. Without big surprises, it still entertains and guarantees a satisfactory dose of adrenaline. This French original will be remembered fo what it is--and there's nothing wrong with that: a clever, but problematic action film, with break-neck pacing, with some great fight scenes.

Jess G (it) wrote: why have i never seen this?! lol

G H (nl) wrote: Slow...but great images..music... and feelings. Have to be in a depressed mood for the full effect. :-)

Teemu L (us) wrote: Awesome cast, beautiful set, nice music, mysterious crime and Hercule Poirot. Murder gets solved quite nicely and the story goes on without problems until the very end. The proofs for murder are quite weak and I wonder how anyone could be judged with those evidences...

James H (ru) wrote: Average action film. The acting is pretty good and there are some good action sequences. Telly Savalas is well cast. Nothing special.

Mark B (nl) wrote: breaker, breaker good buddy we got an ass kicking coming your way courtesy of mr chuck norris

Kyle O (nl) wrote: Jack Lemmon carries this film. With anyone else it would be even more offensive then it is. But he somehow makes it a little charming. Story of a bachelor who accidentally gets married to a beautiful woman and then starts to regret it and plots her demise. Very well written dialogue and an interesting story.

blair k (jp) wrote: i have always been a big robert mitchum fan. he is always so intense and likable in many movies. he and deborah kerr had good chemistry together. one of my favorite robert mitchum performances. i have it on dvd because i like it so much.

Michael T (ru) wrote: A good chance to see the world's greatest Irish tenor, with some nice touches by director Borzage, too.

Napaa R (ag) wrote: ??????...????????????????!

Scottie T (ca) wrote: Soul Surfer is the biggest piece of shit to ever hit theatres. The Dialogue was fuckin hilariously bad, the acting was more bullshit than 9/11, only feminist's would like this gargantuous cock of a movie! the only cocksuck of a reason i watched this movie is my stupid dyke english teacher sat us down to watch this story of redemtion, that is so fucking cheesy and rediculous my friends and i found ourselfs laughing at how shitty this movie is. Don't watch this stupid fucking movie.