I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Firefighters Chuck Ford and Larry Valentine are guy's guys, loyal to the core – which is why, when widower Larry asks Chuck to pose as his gay lover so that he can get domestic partner benefits for his kids, his buddy agrees. However, things get dicey when a bureaucrat comes calling, and the boys are forced to present a picture of domestic bliss.

Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine are friends and Brooklyn firefighting partners. Widower Larry, who still mourns the death of his wife Paula, is having problems changing the beneficiary on his insurance policy from Paula's name to his children's. He is worried about his children's future if he were to be killed in the line of duty, and is contemplating quitting his job for something less risky, but he also does not want to forfeit his firefighter's pension as he also see it as a safety net for his children. Larry saves Chuck's life on one of their calls. So when Chuck tells Larry that he owes him one, Larry takes him up on his offer. Larry's favor: despite both being heterosexual, that they enter into a domestic partnership, in name and paper only, to provide that much needed protection for Larry's children. Chronic womanizer Chuck reluctantly but eventually agrees. The one person who knows for a certainty that they are both straight is their boss, Captain Phineas J. Tucker. Their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sun K (jp) wrote: Saw this was available on FIOS On Demand so we gave it a try. The movie is about Mary (Laura Breckenridge), a college student, that has a bit too much to drink one night and ends up swirving off the road to avoid a tire and finds out after getting home that she has impaled a man on the bumper of her Jeep. Mary now has a decision to make...does she call the police and come clean or does she hide what she did. Well, you can probably guess what she does...she buries the man in the woods and leaves him for dead. Mary comes clean to her boyfriend Rick (Christopher Shand) about what she did and convinces him to meet her where she buried the man to help clean up the evidence a bit more. I won't ruin any more of the movie for you except to tell you that the man she hit wasn't all of the way dead. The film starts off well, with the camera positioned on a drink tray as drinks are delivered to Mary and her friends as they have one too many. I like this opening "style" but filmmakers continued to use it over and over in the movie...mounted on the top of Mary's Jeep, on the back of Rick's Mustang. I also liked the single split screen shot of Mary on the phone with Rick. I didn't understand the need to have the camera become a pin hole on Mary and her keys, that was kind of odd. The effects were just sort of OK...typical for a B horror movie. You could see that the scenes of vehicles on the road were shot at the same location over and over...same set of trees, sort of like a Flintstones cartoon. From a blood and gore perspective, I think that they could have gone way over the top if they wanted to but they kept it to a minimum (in my opinion) except with the golf club scene where she ends up covered. Oh, and the film makers should be fined to too much use of fake fog. The story line was pretty typical of this type of a movie and was predictable but keeping in mind what you are watching, it wasn't too bad. I thought that both Laura Breckenridge and Christopher Shand did an OK job with their roles, only overacting a little bit. HOT GIRL ALERT - Laura Breckenridge certainly is deserving of a mention her. Very attractive young lady that wears a very tight shirt thru much of the movie...but I do have to say that she had some VERY hairy arms (my wife actually pointed it out). You would think that they would take care of that for her. Oh well... So..overall, 5 out of 10. Nothing super orginal but not a bad way to spend some time if you are in the mood for a B movie horror film. Enjoy!

Remi Z (ru) wrote: Stuart Gordon et Brian Yuzna s'attaquent encore une fois Lovecraft. Et c'est encore une russite. Comme quoi avec quelques bouts de ficelle, des masques en caoutchouc et quelques (mauvais et rares) effets numriques, on peut faire un film tout fait honnte. On en redemande !!!

shtivelman m (us) wrote: ok this is such a chick flick and usally i don't like them but I love this movie ok i will be honsty I usally Don't think Jon Bon Jovi is a good actor but he is great in this flim. Also this movie could of been very clicha but it was not at all. all tghe behave seem the way people really react in real life and yes many out there are thing it a movie it should be different then real life what is the point of seeing a movie if like life. whith this portel subject matter some reallty is need.

Alan H (ca) wrote: Saw it on TV yesterday and reminded me how good it is. Quite camp - but then its a musical. Bowie is cool as ever, and teenage Patsy Kensit is of course cute.

Marcus G (it) wrote: A chilling portrayal of life after a nuclear attack, and a somewhat realistic veiw of the build up too. Obviously a product of its time in tone a production values but well put together and presented never the less.The imagery showed here will certainly stick with me, even though this was set and produced in 1984. One of the best Nuclear Holocaust films that I have seen...

Steve L (ca) wrote: I adore this film. I love getting swept up in it!

Daniel C (it) wrote: Incomplete, but stylish and intriguing. It's too bad Eisenstein's vision couldn't be finished.

Ronnie S (br) wrote: Gamle film sucks, men i det mindste var den ikk dansk, og de sang ikk i den. Alt for kedsommelig affre, med alt for meget snak og for lidt action. Kedeligt. Jeg har s ogs set et remake af den, som ikk var i denne database .. eh n ... Rasputin - Dark Servant Of Destiny Udemrket remake, hvor der kom gang i actonen. Ihvertfald lidt. Ikke vildt fed film, men klart federe end originalen :) **

Luis T (ca) wrote: see it already not that good.

Kathleen W (jp) wrote: I'm glad that the film's trailer misled me, and that I was waiting for more dramatic drama, more on-the-nose sexually charged conflict. Instead it was slow and subtle and explored complex (human) women in a way I haven't seen for ages.

Sam B (au) wrote: If it weren't for the accomplished actors whom we already know and love so well, this movie would have nothing to recommend it. It had tremendous potential, but that potential was never realized since the actors all maintained their individual styles and never meshed into a blended, cohesive group. Entertaining for folks who already are attached to the cast members, but for anyone else it's a total gobbler.

Christopher C (mx) wrote: Wa a recruiting movie for christianity