With the country's debt growing out of control, Americans by and large are unaware of the looming financial crisis. This documentary examines several of the ways America can get its economy back on the right track. In addition to looking at the federal deficit and trade deficit, the film also closely explores the challenges of funding national entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Few are aware that America may be on the brink of a financial meltdown. I.O.U.S.A. explores the country's shocking current fiscal condition and ways to avoid a national economic disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I.O.U.S.A. torrent reviews

M C (br) wrote: A low-budget, b-movie in every way.

Marilena G (nl) wrote: Interesting documentary about passion, food and the restaurant business.

Alex W (ca) wrote: Were supposed to only go one way with this doc as it is one sided but i found myself conflicted. Was is the guys at the top or just a few bad eggs? Did some of these methods produce results or do we just love to torture? Cant deny that it is very well done with lots of in depth info and interviews.

Angela H (br) wrote: He played this role so well. I've never seen anyone play Dracula like him. Also helped that he was gorgeous as hell.

James H (mx) wrote: Boring and unconvincing thriller, just way too slow moving to be effective in any significant way. The performances aren?t bad, but the actors have little to no enthusiasm.

Eliabeth G (fr) wrote: This movie is absolutely gorgeous. Even if I didn't have any kind of translation, I could still watch this movie. The set and costume designs are amazing.

Gavin M (kr) wrote: Not nearly as engaging as "Wordplay" or "Spellbound" among similar documentaries. The subjects are not very likable. Makes me want to go out and purchase "Wordplay" and watch that one again.

Vernon G (ru) wrote: Funny sports comedy done in screwball style.

Oriol N (es) wrote: Haciendo sitio a la serie B

Jeffrey M (ca) wrote: A really cool movie about vampires with a very great cast. Lve the story and it is very entertaining. A movie for all to see.

Ian C (mx) wrote: Pam is back inside. Has all the hallmarks of a Chicks N' Chains flick but focuses more on the unlikely pair and their escape. Serious twitch off Pam Grier. Sid Haig yet again is the balls.

Gavin P (kr) wrote: A good lost-in-the-bush survival story, but it doesn't really work as a cohesive film with a narrative, as far as I'm concerned. How they get stranded is not fully explained, with the Dad going nuts, but then along comes Gulpilil in his first role to save the two English siblings. He's been in far better films since & the contrast between the Outback and metropolitan Australia has been explored better too. The final 25min are odd and - even allowing for ti being the 70's - it definitely seems pervy in parts, and has a fair bit of nudity for a M-rated movie. Decent effort, but better Aboriginal/Australian bush films have been made since.

Matt H (br) wrote: One of those middle of the road musicals. I think what hurts Gene Kelly is his tendency to dance alone, or, at least, without a female dance partner. He and Cyd Charisse barely dance together. The movie isn't bad, but I didn't like it enough to fully recommend it. Just forgettable, I guess.

Aaron I (ca) wrote: Hoffman is perfect as usual, for those in the security field this film will resonate, others may find it lacking substance and direction.

Jordan J (ca) wrote: It wasn't as bad as the cat in the hat. But I would probably rent it if you have the chance. It isn't worth the buy.

Corey B (gb) wrote: Interesting movie about the times of the 70s, nothing much has changed, except there are no hippies at least not too many and even then they have as much sense as the parents these days, a movie that teaches is no one has any real sense.