I, Olga

  • Language:Czech
  • Release:2016
  • Length:105 minutes
  • IMDB link:I, Olga
  • Upload time:2017-08-08 10:00:33

. Eventually| Olga rejected by everyone and
marginalised| she meticulously plotted against society in silence| declaring her intention for revenge against her family and the world. Living in such a strict family
environment| feeling alone and unable to cope with life's issues| she gradually alienated herself| and as a result| Olga unable to fit in| she began feeling a raging
hatred growing inside her| towards the indifference of a society that in the tragic end| left her destroyed by its people. Raised in Prague| Olga Hepnarová| a timid by nature and troubled child with no friends| was frequently bullied by her classmates