I Only Want You to Love Me

I Only Want You to Love Me

The story of the young man Peter, who grew up during the economic miracle, bereft of parental care and love. Learning early on that interpersonal relationships are based on the principles of exchange or purchase, he abides by these rules and gives generous presents to his family and his wife Erika. But when he is unable to keep up this life-style, his story takes a horrendous turn ...

A man is interviewed by a sympathetic woman. His tale unfolds, of hard work that never pleases his parents, of a father who denigrates his efforts, of an indifferent mother. He builds them ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rendan L (mx) wrote: Two Faces of January is a beautiful film with complex characters and gripping dialogue. Definitely a must see. Grade: B+

ka (br) wrote: beautiful natural views...

Martin V (jp) wrote: could have been incredible, but ended up being just good enough to be worth the recommendation. obviously it's indie to the bone, and there's some great ideas in there, but it undersells itself through a lack of ambition, which is a shame. chances are you haven't even heard of it, but if you see it around the place then i suggest you give it a watch - it's destined for a cult status of sorts.

Jrgen H (ru) wrote: BAD!!!! 1'ern var MYE bedre

Markku R (au) wrote: Verry entertaining and true to the Sterne Novel in many ways with some characteristic Coogan stuff...Sorry, I am getting ahaed of meself. Haven't seen the film yet. Or, as a matter of fact of fact, I have. But more of that later.

Fredrik S (nl) wrote: Summer movies with my son, 2012. This was a really enjoyable film. Finally (after about ten so-and-so animated Asterix films) the animation has caught up with Uderzo's wonderful drawings. The story was OK, with the added parts to the original storyline understandable when moving form comics to film. OK, so maybe the high score also has something to do with us having been to Foteviken's Viking Market today...

Timothy H (mx) wrote: to be fair I like the show this movie is not bad it pretty funny, it's better than the 1st one and a good plot it's not for everyone but it's a fine film.

Edward P (jp) wrote: While it wasn't a phenomenal movie, the reviews I read on this were all unjustly negative.

Michelle V (ca) wrote: liked it was a really good movie

Matthew J (mx) wrote: Begnini tries. God knows he tries. But that is just not enough to fill in the gaps of a bad script.

Harrison R (br) wrote: Standard nerd fantasy low grade soft-core porno, why is this famous as being bizarre?

Tor G (kr) wrote: Il genio di Federico Fellini ...

Anna Q (ag) wrote: Hey, this movie has Christian Kane in it. I wonder if he has Evil Hand Issues.

Donna L (ru) wrote: I pretty much enjoyed watching this. A new weird reason to fear storms, hehe

Antoinette C (ru) wrote: it has that Mississippi Burning feel to it...might make u sincerely pissed off...but it was shocking 2 not see Ice Cube all over the place...good movie...makes u think..

Al K (nl) wrote: Way different than the first 2 movies and still very good! The ending is hilarious!!!!!!!

Eric H (ca) wrote: This movie has more heart than "Mean Streets" or "Goodfellas" . Unfortunately, "The Pope of Greenwich Village" is often overlooked or forgotten. Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts deliver career-best performances. The supporting cast, with the exception of Daryl Hannah, is near perfect. From Charlie and Paulie's check scams, and even when they progress to big time thieves, nothing can shake their loyalty. If you enjoy small time mob films, "The Pope of Greenwich Village" is well acted, with a great script. This two hour movie flies by leaving the viewer wishing for more. A great night's entertainment. Highly recommended.