I Ought to Be in Pictures

I Ought to Be in Pictures

Grandmother has nothing to say when Libby tells her that she is off to LA to look up Dad, a Hollywood screenwriter. Grandmother has been in a New York cemetery for six years and Dad has been out of Libby's life for 16 of her 19 years. Libby arrives in LA on a Tuesday and phones Dad the one night that Stephanie, who does Jane Fonda's hair, stays over. Stephanie is there the next morning when Libby decides she needs to tell her story face-to-face.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:star,   based on play,   actor,  

Grandmother has nothing to say when Libby tells her that she is off to LA to look up Dad, a Hollywood screenwriter. Grandmother has been in a New York cemetery for six years and Dad has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill S (br) wrote: I loved this movie,as well as everyone i know that has seen it.

Hannah M (es) wrote: I loved Hilary Duff as a child star in Disney Channel movies and shows, so seeing her in such a contrasting role, as a suicidal, pessimistic and selfish teen, was a really different experience. I really can't put my finger on how I felt about the movie as a whole - but I will say this: The actors evoked emotion from me. I was angry at Hilary's character, Greta, for most of the movie. My heart broke for her grandparents. Evan Ross's character inspired me. So as up and down this movie was, there was a spark to it; something that didn't allow me to regret spending the hour and a half to watch it. Would I watch it again? Probably not. But it wasn't a total waste.

Velmina C (it) wrote: Quite a lot of blood spilling, guts slashing, bloody movie which I usually don't like, but it was pretty cool for a vampire movie although the effects were crap!

DEE WASH THE KING (jp) wrote: Monique is funny as hell in this one about whaqt else a salon that competes in a hair show lol....

MarcOlivier B (es) wrote: Non mai sserieu stai vraiment po si pir !! Entkka jsuis pret pour mon test de lecture de demain !! XD

Maxim Y (es) wrote: This movie is a very entertaining movie. While this movie is very superficial in a way, the comedy in this film just makes this film great.

Dalton S (br) wrote: I saw this when I was a boy and liked it.

Hurcinio R (ag) wrote: good movie for that time

Grant S (ca) wrote: Suzanne Vale is an actress...an actress with a drug problem. One day she overdoses and ends up in hospital and then rehab. After coming out of rehab she manages to land a role in a small-budget movie. The producers insist that she live with her mother for the duration of the movie, to ensure her sobriety. Her mother, the world-famous actress Doris Mann, is hardly the best role model...On paper, this movie had everything going for it: based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Carrie Fisher with screenplay also written by her, directed by Mike Nichols, starring Meryl Streep as Suzanne and Shirley MacLaine as Doris. With that semi-true-story background and those big names involved, surely it should be brilliant? Well, no. It's not bad, but it feels strangely flat. It's really just a linear story with no great drama or profundities, though there were plenty of opportunities for both.It does have its comedic moments but it's hardly a laugh-a-minute.Therein lies the problem, I suspect. By trying to be both a comedy and a drama it succeeds at neither.Not that this is a terrible movie, not by any means. It is never dull, moving along at a good pace, the ending is pretty good and Meryl Streep puts in a great performance (for which she got an Oscar nomination). It just could have been so much better.

john d (fr) wrote: loved this movie as a kid. find it even more hilarious as an adult

Grayson W (ca) wrote: A very random plot involving a summoning of an ancient goddess, but primarily focuses on a couple of cafe owners killing and serving human flesh. Very silly and over the top, I would have thought it was Troma if I didn't know better.

Jens S (kr) wrote: Rather beautifully photographed love story that does not entirely follow your expectations (which is both good and bad) and entertains well enough. There are nice moments and Seyfried is extremely charismatic, but ultimately nothing that happens reaches very deeply or sweeps you off your feet, really. It's for fans of such novels, I suppose.

Shawn T (us) wrote: Sounds a little too creepy for me.

Scott C (us) wrote: For what it is its a fun film. Don't go into it expecting an Oscar worthy performance. But if you go into it expecting Vin to kick some but and blow some stuff up then you'll be happy

Adam K (de) wrote: This is one of my favourite films. Under the surface of the Ibiza club life this film is a story of triumph over adversity and finding redemption. Paul Kaye's performance is one of the best I've seen and I don't think him or this film truly get the credit they deserve.