I padroni del mondo

I padroni del mondo

Set two hundred thousand years ago, when the human race had to adapt to their brutal savage environment or disappear into oblivion. For Bog, the great warrior this struggle means conquering the Earth and gaining supremacy over his rivals.

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Irene S (jp) wrote: this is too funny and not. this is a documentary about a Hindu guy who decided to define all by documenting himself as a guru and get a following even though he is faking the whole thing. this is brilliant

Ed C (ag) wrote: One line summary: Difficult biography set to the screen; not for the faint of heart.---------------------- The picture was made by adapting a biography about the death of Barbara Baekeland. Barbara rose into wealth and social status by marrying Brooks Baekeland, the heir to the bakelite plastics fortune. The period under consideration is circa 1946, and the birth of Tony, to 1972 and the death of Barbara. The film is about stormy relationships: Tony and Barbara, Barbara and Brooks, Barbara and whomever she was intimate with. The action of the film comes in islands. The first island is around 1946 when Tony was born. We get to know Barbara and Brooks: she is skilled at maintaining and growing social networks in the upper class; he is an accomplished explorer, adventurer, and linguist. The next island is in 1959 in Spain. Tony is 13, has some skill in languages, and enjoys long, detailed conversations with Barbara. Barbara continues to spend time and energy on affairs. The parents find out that Tony has gay leanings. In 1967, Tony is tall, skinny, skilled at the guitar. He and his father talk a bit more clearly than usual, the main subject being Barbara and women in general. Soon he meets Blanca, and not long thereafter spends a night with her. Barbara tells her later that she thought he was delivering Blanca rather like a cat delivers a bird to its owner. In 1968, Brooks and Blanca decide to go somewhere together. Barbara catches up with them, and makes a very public scene. Tony and Jake get 'caught' by Barbara when she gets back from the airport. About this time, Sam enters the movie as a 'walker,' a homosexual man who escorts a married woman while her husband is away. How could this get more volatile? The setup for a bad ending is well established. As time goes forward to 1972 in London, the family dynamics get even worse. Just how do we get to the sad conclusion?------Scores------ Cinematography: 10/10 Beautifully shot: interiors, exteriors, day, or night. Sound: 9/10 Very few problems. The background music might have been more effective. Acting: 7/10 I liked Stephen Dillane, Eddie Redmayne, and Hugh Dancy. I did not care so much for Elena Anaya, Unax Ugalde, or Julianne Moore (yes, she's considered an untouchable tin god, but I think other actresses could have done as well or better here). Screenplay: 8/10 I could have used more exposition.

Brian B (br) wrote: A chance for the Sci-Fi Channel to capitalize on the real life snakeheads that are an eco threat to the United States. Of course, these snakeheads are mutated and ill-tempered.

James H (au) wrote: School of Rock is a funny, charming film that benefits from Jack Blacks energy which I think just makes the script sound that much better and lifts the children's performances as well. Sometimes the characters feel unrealistic like cartoon characters though because of the wacky decisions they make. No serious problems though in this harmless comedy.

Ben D (mx) wrote: Great made for TV movie. It's a semi-tear jerker mini-series based on the best-selling book. Evokes reflection on multiple ethical and scientific questions.

Charlie G (nl) wrote: Good acting but it seemed to drag on.

Demetrios M (gb) wrote: Robert Redford's best directed film to date that raises social and moral issues and might I say, Quiz Show is a home run.

Mabel M (nl) wrote: Maravillosa!!!, hace que te des cuenta que en la vida los bienes materiales son lo ltimo que hace falta para ser feliz, y que hay personas que hacen hasta lo impensable por conseguir ms riquezas y al final para qu...

Jodie P (jp) wrote: Want to try and watch all the official "video nasties"

Grayson W (jp) wrote: A fun family film about a car race where you try to kill as many pedestrians as possible. I think babies were worth the most points... Long live Frankenstein.

Abdulmalik A (us) wrote: epic fighting scenes. other than that its rubbish.

John S (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie. Funny and romantic!

Fong K (ag) wrote: A richly layered and gracefully told family drama about the titular beekeeper keeping his clan together during his busiest harvesting season.