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Jerry R (gb) wrote: The very first thing that one notices about Mark Hogancamp are his eyes. They are small and look a little tired, as if he just woke up from a long sleep. There is no distance in his eyes, they don't seem to contain memories. Rather, they seem very much focused on the present. When he speaks he has a sweet-natured voice, solemn and intelligent. There is no regret in his demeanor despite his age which I range at about somewhere in his mid-40s. The manner in which Hogancamp carries himself is specifically rooted in an incident that changed his life. On April 8, 2000, he was leaving a bar when he was attacked by five men who beat him almost to death. The men were arrested and Hogancamp spent nine days in a coma and forty days in the hospital. When he woke up, he had severe brain damage and most of his memory was gone. Years after his incident, his brain is still a little mushy. He works a quiet job at a bar, sweeping up. The documentary Marwencol settles firmly on Hogancamp who says that due to his injury he has no real memories, only flashes of memory, like snapshots. He knows of his past because of diary entries written before the attack. He reads them, but doesn't recognize the person who wrote them. He knows that that man was an alcoholic, who was bitter and angry, but he also knows that he had an artistic talent. He shows us sketches that are not out of the ordinary. After the attack, he could no longer draw because his hands shook too much. He could not afford therapy, so he made his own. In his back yard, he created the tiny, fictional town of Marwencol, a Belgian World War II-era town made of dolls and small buildings. His dolls represent people in his life. His own alter-ego is a hero-type that has a head the looks a little like Harrison Ford. His mother's alter-ego has a head that came from a Pussy Galore doll. His former girlfriend is represented by a Barbie doll. He collects his dolls and studies them, trying to see who they could represent. When he puts his dolls inside the model, they don't just stand stiffly, but they seem modulated as if frozen in a moment of action. Marwencol becomes Hogancamp's entire world. He creates each character down to the most finite detail, including a backstory. He tells us the stories of what goes on in Marwencol, not as play acting but as if it is really happening. He tells about how his alter-ego wandered into the town and settled down to open a bar. No one is allowed to fight in Marwencol, the only fights are staged catfights inside the bar. Then the Nazi's showed up and he corralled all of the citizenry into his bar while the some of the fooksoldiers kick down doors trying to find the bar. Hogancamp's employer Rose is stunned to find that her alter-ego was killed by the Nazis because she wouldn't talk. What becomes apparent as he tells the story is that Hogancamp isn't just playing with dolls, he is finding a manner in which to deal with his trauma. His alter-ego in Marwencol, is stripped and beaten by the SS just as he was in real life. He cannot remember the attack, he just feeds off of information from his assailant's testimony and from what he has been told. The play acting is a manner in which he can piece that moment together and deal with it on a realistic level. It is hard to really describe what makes Marwencol really special. It is a quiet, tenderly beautiful story of a man who stepped back from the edge of a near-fatal incident and creates his own therapy through art. The photos he takes of his tiny town are crisp and beautiful (I have featured some of them below). The characters seem alive even though his subjects are immobile. He modulates every single tiny detail perfectly. It is a futile exercise in trying to understand the effect this movie has on you once you let yourself be carried away by Hogancamp's imagination. He takes us so solidly and so convincingly into his tiny man-made world that, after a while, we forget that we are simply looking at dolls. It sounds strange, but I felt I got to know the people Marwencol so well that when one of the women in town left her boyfriend for another man, I felt a little sad.

Dave Z (fr) wrote: The incredible true story of John McCain. Up until he became a GOP asshole, that is.

Irvin C (de) wrote: Bela Tarr is one of the handful of major filmmakers I still haven't seen a single film from...until now. I had no idea what to expect since I had very little idea of the plot. Basically, it's about a young man running around doing favors and errands and in his town a giant stuffed whale shows up as a freak show attraction and causes chaos in small Hungarian town. This film features some very elaborate long takes that's impressively directed and visually stunning. I don't know how much I'm missing in terms of the Hungarian history and culture and the many implications and subtexts of the story but what I saw was definitely something. It's not for all tastes, for sure but it's a fascinating piece of film.

Stuart M (gb) wrote: Will Smith's great in the lead, but the film takes a very distant view of the subject without either dramatizing or digging deep into questions of character or motivation. Hell, when we first meet him he's already converted to Islam and changed his name. We never really find out why he did that or what drove him as an athlete.

ellie s (jp) wrote: awesome action, decent animation but lacking in story, i enjoyed this movie, but it was not the best anime. it was also one of those wierd kind of out there anime that tend to give the entire genre the 'wierd' stamp by general populas because the plot ideas go a little over the average movie-goer's head. so it was ok, really good action/animation, but not strong story/plot wise. i liked it, tho.

James D (gb) wrote: I own it, so I might as well see it once.

Ed R (kr) wrote: I've been thinking a lot about this movie lately and how an individual can transform from the awkwardness of their early conditioning and embark on a successful life..or never have the chance of that transformation taking place. This film so beautifully presents the possibility of both tragedy or happiness as its final scenes take place. It is inspiring.

Robyn M (fr) wrote: Maybe the one standing Movie Tom Arnold has a good thing going for his reputation. Rick Moranis is The geek who never gets a day of rest from punches,bruises and name calling. But then hope knocks on his door the day NASA brings a moon rock to his school, what was stolen by his bully, Moranis does what one would do tell someone. Arnold went to juevy and Moranis moved away to establish his journalism, years pass and both have childern of their own.

Dan K (au) wrote: Some cool shots of people getting axed in the head and the lead actress is pretty hot, but otherwise the cobwebbed painting style gets a little fatiguing.

Dominic O (gb) wrote: one of the best movie of all time....

Sean F (kr) wrote: Altogether now "We're havin agang bang against the wall, we'd love to join us it's part of the fun" - What aclassic tune from Black Lace. This film is the film of the 80's. This is a family favorite!!!! I guess what every one always ask's 20years on - "whatever happened to Rita, Sue and Bob", come on how about a sequel???? Anyone agree?????

Eric N (br) wrote: Zero budget, this movie is so god damn bad, but Jackie's capabilities are UNBELIEVABLE. Hard to rate therefore: it's 1 star for movie, 5 stars for martial arts demonstration.

Jacob T (au) wrote: This is the 7th Godzilla movie. It is also the 4th Mothra movie. Godzilla fights a giant lobster in this movie. Most of the Godzilla movies made before this movie are better. But this is better then the 5th Godzilla movie. Ghildrah the three headed monster. That one is also the 3rd Mothra movie. The 9th Godzilla movie is also the 5th Mothra movie. It is called Destroy all monsters. That one is the better movie. All the Mothra movies are great monster movies. See all the Mothra movies

Steve M (de) wrote: When Johnny , a young U.S. Navy sailor on leave (Hopper) meets Mora (Lawson) in a coffee house, it's love at first sight. But is the air of mystique that seems to hover thickly around her the result of her lonely childhood and curious job as a sideshow attraction, or is it as her guardian (Muir) claims--she's not human, but is in truth a sirine, and sooner or later she will lead Johnny to a watery death. "Night Tide" is an atmospheric, low-key film that straddles the boundary between horror and suspense. Although a bit on the slow side, it is carried along by the wide-eyed naivete of Hopper's pure-hearted character as he is constantly contrrasted with the friendly yet strange attraction operators on a Venice Beach amusement pier. The ever-growing mystery of Mora will also keep viewers watching. It's also interesting to see Luana Anders in a part that's a bit different than the creepy sort of characters she usually plays. In fact, I have nothing but praise for all the actors that appeared in the film... everyone comes across as very natural and believable. The only real complaint I can muster with the film is that I don't like the ending. It's in keeping with the rest of the film, but I would like to have seen something stronger and a little more definate. Heck, to be perfectly honest, I think I would have liked to have seen a happier ending. Still, it's an interesting film. Night Tide Starring: Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir, and Luana Anders Director: Curtis Harrington

Mario A (fr) wrote: When I was a child, I saw a commercial containing scenes of a grotto with many candles and I was amazed; after years I was able to buy this movie, and I was overwhelmed about the creativity carried in this film. First of all, the plot: By handling the good and evil ideas, (we are used to them) but including death, as well as having a clear relation with mexican customs and traditions. You ought to see it. The most amazing part, is when Macario arrives to a grotto illuminated by millions of real candles simulating souls. Great mexican movie.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Kitty Foyle is a decent film. It about Kitty Foyle, a hard-working white-collar girl from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania low, middle-class family, who meets and falls in love with young socialite Wyn Strafford. Ginger Rogers and Dennis Morgan give good performances. The script is okay but seems a little slow in some places. Sam Wood did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture.

Tyler R (ag) wrote: It wasn't as bad as the reviews. The plot was interesting enough to keep my attention all the way through. The action and pacing were very good and the movie had a very satisfying ending and climax.

Thomas H (jp) wrote: A crude comedy that really works.

Alyan H (de) wrote: An interesting adapation of anne rices novels

Robert D (kr) wrote: The end is a let down, but I laughed while being impressed by the the overall look of the film. An underrated Allen flick.