I ragazzi dei Parioli

I ragazzi dei Parioli

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I ragazzi dei Parioli torrent reviews

Austin M (nl) wrote: Definitely an enjoyable film, but not as deep or intellectual as I thought it would be. Really cool concept, just fell flat for me once it had ended.

Robert H (jp) wrote: Predictable but well-acted hokum.

Shruti B (ru) wrote: A movie that pierces your soul. Brilliantly made movie, hitting all the right notes with each scene, song, dialogue and performances. - Hoping for Peace, for a city I love -

David G (nl) wrote: Explicit, over-the-top and thoroughly kicks ass!

Calen B (de) wrote: great movie. Tom Waits kills it, so fun, so weird, so sublime.

Rushda x (gb) wrote: This movie is absolutely amazing and anyone who has ever had to sit through 3 hours of unrealistic crap inc. sudden exploding synchronised dance sequences will appreciate it twice as much. It's a calm and very realistic view of life from two Devdas-type lovers who never got to be. Not sugar-coated at all, hence why it didn't do so well. Rai and Devgan give it their best and their talent shines through the theatrical settings.

Rita B (de) wrote: great film but very depressing soundtrack, you need a good sense of humour

Paul K (it) wrote: This man is funny. Really funny. Smart. Talented. And scathing, too. He's got that bit of anger to him, that edge that disciples Murphy and Chappelle would adopt and re-invent in their later years on the throne. I laughed out loud many times and also felt sadness for his untimely loss. That and I felt sorry for him during this particular act because he had such a stupid, imbecilic audience. It's funny because I thought that was really a symptom of our irreverent, over-spoiled time, but apparently this sort of moronic behavior always existed. Pryor dances with it, though, and deals it back in such a way that shuts his interruptions up quickly (albeit temporarily). There are moments that seem to go on too long, like when Rich does his famous impersonation of a junkie on heroine. I couldn't help but think "this guy is only getting away with this exaggerated performance because of his fame." And the production methods are dated and really cheesy. But these are minor quibbles, really. Richard Pryor's humor is timeless and unequivocally unconquerable. I will always miss him and I urge fans of Dave Chappelle to check this performance out.

Wayne H (au) wrote: Great B-movie fare. Roger Corman has an eye for these films. The acting was decent, the creatures were beyond cheesy. Great for a bad movie night airing.

Sue C (ca) wrote: brilliant film best I`ve seen in years, seen it twice and going again sept 10th. It was very funny and the whole audience were clapping and dancing and singing along to it.

James B (br) wrote: By far, one of the best movies seen in a while. The dialog is spot on and never over the top. A great way to spend a couple of hours without feeling let down in the end.

Pablo G (us) wrote: With an interesting start but with ultimately dissapointing plot and character development, Open Grave is a rehash of many previously told horror stories with little to help it stand amongst others, as it proves to be an exercise in patience and balance.