I ragazzi del 42° plotone

I ragazzi del 42° plotone


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I ragazzi del 42° plotone torrent reviews

TheMaximumAmount (br) wrote: The book was phenomenal and the movie was great I enjoyed it a lot and thought it had a good message to kids in middle school.

Ralph R (gb) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

The Critic (nl) wrote: A thoroughly entertaining action caper, featuring the parkour style of stunt work to set it a part from the many other gangs and drugs films of its time. Despite solid performances from David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli, the piece does fall a little flat with its political message, which is displayed far too clearly and repetitively to be effective. It was followed by 'District B-13: Ultimatum' (2009) and remade as 'Brick Mansions' in 2014.

Mark P (es) wrote: only gets half cos 0 doesn't work

Li K (ca) wrote: Enjoyed this movie multiple times as a child, and didnt find it much different as an adult. It's not anything special, but not every movie needs to be. Sometimes cheesy entertainment is just entertaining. And if that includes Dan Aykroyd then I'm a happy girl. I do think this movie is at least somewhat to blame for my fear of eyeballs though -_-

Anthony V (br) wrote: Recommended by Mike P.

Poul F (nl) wrote: Not as enjoyably bad as the second but it offers some cools gags and I can't help but love the music.

Katie B (it) wrote: This is my favorite movie ever. It has a positive outlook on scouting and helping others. So what if it is a bit unrealistic at times. We don't watch movies to be in the real world, we watch them to escape.

Conner R (au) wrote: It's nothing special and completely ridiculous, but there's something really interesting about the idea of a man surviving on mars. I think since it was released in the early 60s, things like physics didn't really have to play into sci-fi movies (just give them a pill and they can breath). The acting is pretty terrible, especially since it's not played for camp and is supposed to be taken 100% seriously. Mars hot dogs, alien slaves with tans, glowing rocks, etc. it's worth seeing just for how outlandish it gets.

Mike T (br) wrote: I interpreted this controversial, inflammatory film as an analysis of stereotypes and prejudice in 1970s America. Peppered with hideous racism, violence and sexual obscenity, this is a film that took me off guard. Bakshi's vision is in no way easy to handle or pinpoint, and at times it isn't easy to decipher what his aims are. That being said, this is an exhilarating vision full of wild ideas and I was onboard from the moment it began. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite novels: Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr. In terms of its narrative approach and subject matter, it bears a lot of resemblances to that book. I think it's unfortunate that this movie has been judged the way it has, because I personally believe it has a lot of artistic merit.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: I thought the first scenes were slow, but realize now that it was necessary for strong character development as that really impacted the following events. Good acting from all players in an all around terrifyingly realistic movie.

Marco P (jp) wrote: Fun horror movie in the vein of Sam Raimi!