I rök och dans

I rök och dans

Episodic, musical comedy. Povel Ramel company Knäppupp's first film where Martin Ljung plays 16 different roles.

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Andy W (au) wrote: A by-the-numbers drama that utilises Luke Wilson well here because his eyes always look really sad.

Jade A (br) wrote: It was an unintentionally funny, predictable, and poorly-made slasher. It was however in the least, entertaining. Loved the masks.

Tibor P (ca) wrote: Az eddigi legjobb Hunter S. Thompson feldolgozs, amit lttam.

James H (br) wrote: Considered by many the starting point of modern noir, this adaptation of Ross Macdonald's novel THE MOVING TARGET features a terrific performance from Paul Newman as P.I. Lew Harper. Stylistically, the film doesn't necessarily evoke noir aesthetics like some of the films that follow in its wake such as CHINATOWN and FAREWELL, MY LOVELY, nor does it self-consciously subvert it as Robert Altman's does in THE LONG GOODBYE. Like Paul Bogart's MARLOWE (starring James Garner), HARPER seems to have more in common with 80s detective-comedies like FLETCH and BEVERLY HILLS COP - though the comedy in HARPER is not as pronounced (those aforementioned films all feature wise-cracking, witty protagonists). The mystery is fairly typical for films of the genre, but Newman and the great supporting cast (Lauren Bacall! Shelley Winters!) make HARPER a fine film worth checking out for Newman fans and detective film aficionados alike.

Logan M (fr) wrote: A political satire with both brains and brawn, "In the Loop" portrays diplomacy in a foul, unglamorous, but funny way that is realistically more fact than farce.

Bill D (jp) wrote: Mr. Nobody is as complicated as Cloud Atlas and thinks about big questions of time and fate.

Kenneth S (ca) wrote: This movie started out interesting and weird in the beginning, but the more you watch it the more you realize it's a good film with Romance with Maggie in it. And the story somehow gets better from there! I liked it!