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I rymden finns inga känslor


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I rymden finns inga känslor torrent reviews

Christopher H (it) wrote: What would otherwise be a mindless, sports comedy, the likes of "Grind" or "Out Cold", aimed mostly at the female sex, "Chalet Girl" is wholly saved by the always impressive Felicity Jones, who makes it utterly impossible to not be drawn into her natural radiance and adorable, mousy demeanor. With Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields, Sophia Bush and Ed Westwick rounding out the cast, the film is plucked from its straight-to-dvd nature and given some much needed credibility. Although the scenes involving Jones and her fear of doing jumps is completely overdone and the ending needlessly predictable, giving any reason to have Felicity Jones in the starring role of any film is means enough for me to see it and enjoy it.

Emmanuelle D (ru) wrote: Ouan bon, ca suffit les suites. Ce n'est pas un navet mais c'est tellement une copie conforme qu'on decroche. Aucune originalite ni imprevu. Ca reste un film de cerveau a off, tres leger et insipide!

Scott M (fr) wrote: Okay, 93% on Rotten Tomatoes? NOW I want to see it.

Heidi G (nl) wrote: Chicos ni hablar, hay que castigarlos cuando se porten mal!!!

Mirela P (ca) wrote: there is another film with the same name which is really great, but I don't know anything about this one.

hollis m (br) wrote: i had just recently seen this movie in class, and i wasnt expecting much..... i was wrong. this movie wasnt 10 oscar nominations worthy, but it was a special film that just kept me wanting more even when the credits were done rolling past the screen.

Brad S (ag) wrote: - Apparently this is my 2nd time watching this first feature from Steven Spielberg, but I hadn't recalled seeing it. So, it was worth another look, this time I got to see it in HD which is great as it features some of the typical work of Spielberg including the Hitchcock zoom/track shot that he also uses in Jaws. Vilmos Zsigmond did the cinematography and John Williams work for Spielberg for the first time and did the score. Goldie Hawn is very young in this and has a lot of charm. Worth a watch for film fans.- The one is dated, but still pretty good, especially considering it's Spielberg's first theatrical film. The film moves at a good pace and you can tell, even at this time, that Spielberg is a real talent. Worth watching for its historical context, and it's also base on a true story. Check it out!

Gabe A (fr) wrote: Tommy lee jones's two face is the best reason to watch this movie

Ethan P (de) wrote: A likeable family comedy, made even better by the fact it's a clear Die Hard parody, yet nobody seems to notice. Maybe it's because nobody thinks to compare an 80's action classic to a Happy Madison film. Either way it's some feel-good fun, providing you can avoid going in pessimistically.