I See You

I See You

Dr. Shivani Dutt lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England, along with her widowed mom, and a dog named Kaali. She works at the Thomwell Hospital. One day she notices that some of her fellow doctors indulge in organ trafficking, and decides to expose them. Before she could do anything, her car has an accident, and she ends up in the very same hospital as a comatose patient. Her condition remains serious, and she continues to be on life-support systems, without any chance of future recovery. The doctors recommend to her mother that the life support systems be turned off. Unable to speak for herself Shivani's troubled spirit arises and attempts to find someone to convince them about her situation. The only one who can understand her is egoistical 'British Raj' TV host, Raj Jaiswal, who believes that he is irresistible to women.

Dr. Shivani Dutt lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England, along with her widowed mom, and a dog named Kaali. She works at the Thomwell Hospital. One day she notices that some of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sparsh D (ru) wrote: Great movie. Brilliant acting. Well thought out. The end ties back to the very beginning and portrays an excellent twist.

David G (es) wrote: Michael Caine at his best, a really grand film to watch again and again !.~,

Tommy T (gb) wrote: watch only if you've been thinking life is tough...it's a real eye opener

Roxanne R (it) wrote: Good effort by Casper Andreas to write AND direct this indy film! Its not easy so bravo zulu for putting forth the effort which is more than just dream about being in the movies or making films..This charming indie examines the romantic situations of some actors, models, and waiters in New York City's Chelsea district. At the center of things is Markus (writer-director Casper Andreas) a brokenhearted gay writer whose straight female friend, Marilyn (Virginia Bryan) gets him a summer job at the garden restaurant where she works, and where she's the only one who isn't an attractive single gay male. Soon he soon falls under the tutelage of the gleefully promiscuous Luke (Jesse Archer) who recommends spending the summer sleeping around as a surefire heartbreak cure. He does, but then Markus falls for Tyler (Jamie Hatchett), the dreamboat Welsh model on the staff, and things get even more complicated..If this is Andreas' first film I congratulate him because he has created witty characters and so believable...a clever and funny script and a good portrayal of a fast-paced restaurant work..It definitely engaged me and I recommend it!

Aya C (ca) wrote: Andy On, what else you can ask for girls? So hot!! Oh yeah the movie is ok, goog fights, nice love story. Vaness is always good to watch.

Sharon E (ag) wrote: Some good classic Pooh eps. :-)

Alex S (jp) wrote: An improvement after Shaft's Big Score but it's not as great as the original or Shaft (2000).

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: It's a deeply flawed little horror comedy, but it's kinda fun. A slight but pleasant tribute to Hammer horror flicks from Roman Polanski.

Steve M (gb) wrote: The Plot is a jumbled mess at times but it's easy to forgive because of how strikingly beautiful the film is.

Derek M (de) wrote: Flawless. Rooney Mara is gold. And can we talk about the opening sequence?

John M (es) wrote: Proof that the Brits do gangster flicks the best.

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Eva M (ca) wrote: Horrible, yet haunting.