I soliti idioti: Il film

I soliti idioti: Il film

The hit series The Usual Idiots becomes a movie. Scorrettissimi, irreverent yet entertaining, the hilarious sketch played by Fabrizio Biggio and Francesco Mandelli are now a cult that not only infects younger people.

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Devon W (de) wrote: A Macaulay Culkin / Rambo hybrid boy with severe anger management issues takes on a house full of hitmen. Movie is nothing too special, but there were numerous points that had me grinning.

Kevin C (au) wrote: Really sad doc about broken people trying to escape reality.

Private U (kr) wrote: I loved all the story lines . . . especially the ones with Saif Ali Khan & Shilpa Shetty. It's nice to see short stories with a variety of fabulous actors.

Yvette J (es) wrote: Amazingly fun and funny. Must see!

Corey H (it) wrote: Excellent portrayal of the sacrifices made by some in the face of a relentless apanese occupying force.

William F (ag) wrote: Charming and romantic.

Dave J (ca) wrote: Loose adaption of an actual writer by the name of Sybylla Melvyn of the somewhat autobiography "My Brilliant Career" hence the title. Playing the character is Judy Davis on her first onscreen appearance along with Sam Neil as the extravagant Harry Beecham. The winner of 6 Australian movie awards out of 9 nominations.