I Spill Your Guts

I Spill Your Guts

Two friends Dennis and Joe join the military together. While on a routine mission, the two are quickly surrounded by enemy fire. When Joe stands up in the line of fire to run, Dennis pushes him out of the way and takes a bullet in the throat. Dennis wakes up in hospital to find Joe rewarded as a hero. Joe told a lie and took all the glory, and Dennis was left as a mute from the accident. Dennis can't talk, but actions speak louder then words. The two return home to N.Y. and now the war rages in the streets. Dennis wants revenge on Joe, so he will kill everyone close to him.

Two friends Dennis and Joe join the military together. While on a routine mission, the two are quickly surrounded by enemy fire. When Joe stands up in the line of fire to run, Dennis pushes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (fr) wrote: Pretty straight forward documentary. Young men leave their comforts to experience living in a village where they must stretch $1 a day (avg) and find that they need to improve their resourcefulness and that their health is at real risk. Impressive that they stuck it out when they could have cheated or abandoned the project.

Gregg R (nl) wrote: Great and timely movies about perspectives and how we are influenced by those around us. It is well done, each character was compelling, A must see !

Andrew I (it) wrote: I watched this a while ago, and although I don't mind Vinnie Jones & Derek Jacobi, I vaguely remember it being a rather laughable tale based on some lost Dickens manuscript near the Thames, but can't remember a thing more about it. Says it all really. Easily missed.

Ana B (au) wrote: Half documentary, half reality TV this is a remarkable movie about a country coming out of represion and censorship and encountering democracy. Several young afghans participate in this real singing talent contest on live televison and viewers are allowed to vote by mobile phone. This is more than a film, this is a document about life in Afghanistan at this precise moment. If you want to know what's going on in this corner of the world I would suggest you stop listening to the news and watch this instead. It is entertaining and instructive at the same time.

Tor M (nl) wrote: Some aid workers in a conflict zone tries to get a dead guy out of a well. It's not easy, since they got other missions to do, even if they feel it's important stuff since the people need fresh water. An internal conflict within the aid group and the military for you there, but the strenght of the story is still the lead Mambr and his friendship with the local boy Nikola.A very solid script and a well told story. Never uninterresting and it's well paced. Solid performances and swell looks makes it watchable. Not the most rememberable film as it never stands out, but it's very humane and the mild humour makes it a fun ride with some message.6.5 out of 10 footballs.

Gevin H (it) wrote: Not bad, but a bit dull.

OrunLeon (jp) wrote: The film shows little respect to its audience. It serves up obvious twists and plot difficulties alongside dialogue so in-your-face that it leaves nothing to ponder about afterwards. John Turturro's performance was dull and monotonous, and unfortunately not redeemed by Maria Bello's above average acting. The score stood out to be the best part of the movie but again, unfortunately ruined by the swift cuts to cheap jumpscare imagery. For a "psychological thriller", it failed to create any suspense or tension in me.

Frances Y (us) wrote: Interesting story. Kind of geeky and mushy and sexual tension.

Ramona S (us) wrote: This movie has a couple of funny moments, but other than those its actually pretty boring and relies too much on racial and class stereotypes to be considered clever. No need to watch this one...

Mike R (jp) wrote: So stupid in so many ways, yet I can't say it's not fun to laugh at.

Lars P (gb) wrote: Seagal OG Keith David i samme film? Min verden imploderede lige. S gens jeg filmen og nskede at f den halvanden time af mit liv tilbage.

Mark F (es) wrote: Trashy, Tortured and Terrifying. Van Bebbers full length debut showed talent worthy of some decent funding! He is the man Hollywood need!

Spencer S (es) wrote: Norah Ephron's book launched this film, which tackles the tricky subject of infidelity without much complexity. The film covers the emotional rollercoaster that was Ephron's second marriage, using stand-ins Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. Most of the film is about their relationship, its beginnings, and the machinations of their life together. Near the end we actually get to the issues of the marriage, i.e. the infidelity on the part of Mark (Nicholson). The message of the film is that you shouldn't be with someone who doesn't respect you. What makes this lukewarm is that Mark's point of view is never expressed, and it's very one sided. Rachel (Streep) runs off, but is filled with regret as she is a single mother, and very pregnant. It seems like she only wants Mark to race after her, as she waits for him to call or send flowers, neither of which he does. The ending remains anticlimactic because Rachel doesn't really learn anything that isn't easy for her to reach. She just stops acting needy and changes her mind. It doesn't say anything bigger than "cheating is bad" and that's a message that has already been hammered to death, in much better films that include abuse and dependency. Without any complexity or understanding of this marriage as a whole, it's too easy an ending, and not worth the watch.

Tommy H (kr) wrote: When it comes to horror movies my golden rule is if the movie isn't boring or if it has an interesting plot then I'll give it a few stars -- this movie is both entertaining and interesting because it has an imagination. I wouldn't even call it so bad it's good. The movie is intentionally a little silly and far-out, and it succeeds in that weird genre. It's in the same genre as movies like Basket Case, although Basket Case is superior. The movie is well-acted and the contrast between the apartment building and the land of the trolls is a refreshing touch. Like Gremlins it has some cute monsters, some ugly one's, and it all has a youthful glow and a sense of adventure. Troll is far from being a great movie, but considering the movies it can be compared to the movie could have been a lot worst.I would recommend the movie. And no, I'm not trolling.

bill s (ag) wrote: Cliche yes but you feel for these characters.

Rob R (ca) wrote: Love it, I Dont Remember Seeing This As A Kid Like All The Other Rankin Bass Movies But Its Great Especially With Phyllis Diller In It!