I viaggiatori della sera

I viaggiatori della sera

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dystopia,   retirement,  

A famous radio announcer is being retired at the top of his career and in full professional maturity. But for him and his wife life is not over now, he has more plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I viaggiatori della sera torrent reviews

Linda B (kr) wrote: Un bon road trip la franaise avec une petite touche d'humour

William M (ag) wrote: Terrible sophomoric film a true waste of time

Martyn T (ag) wrote: Err...pretty poor graphics. Story was ok but it was just a bit naff really

Jacob B (ru) wrote: A funny and somewhat feel-good film.

Bradley J (gb) wrote: Filmed in such a way as to blur the lines between reality and cinema, The Battle of Algiers is possibly one of the most powerful war films. The documentary-style feature allows the film to feel real and the lack of big name celebrities also creates an authentic experience. The film also doesn't need to add tons of fictional subplots that only use the war as a backdrop. Instead, the war is the centerpiece upon which the plot is born. The Battle of Algiers is intense and thought-provoking, though not necessarily enjoyable. Worth a look. Note: Viewed as part of my French Cinema class. Rating: 74

Lou A (au) wrote: One could only hope that Jennifer Lawrence was at least well-compensated for wasting her talent on this sad, lazy attempt of a suspense-thriller. As the film goes on, it becomes more and more apparent of just how hopeless its screenplay is, with its absurd plot-twist (that is still somehow painfully obvious) and dull execution. And Max Theriot displays less charisma than Hayden Christensen, let alone anything to provide even the slightest chill.

Mel Z (es) wrote: An ok film, more thriller than action, the action scenes arent too bad.

Tristan M (jp) wrote: My favourite Saw film in terms of traps, but probably my least in terms of story. The game is the best yet, with creative traps involving team work, nail bombs, and sacrificing. They are gory for sure, and the last trap with the saw cutting down their hands, was one of the hardest to watch yet. The other story shows us a corrupt cop through a series of flashbacks and taking us back in time to show how he was taken in by John to set traps and make games, making him the new Jigsaw. This was a story I hated, the idea of it, how much we had to go back in time to explain, it's all so forced an overdone. Way to complex, and proves that the Saw franchise should have ended with the fifth instalment. The ending is good however, with the new Jigsaw being killing by a trap set by the original, an our cop sitting safely underneath in a glass box watching him get crushed. But besides that and the best game yet, (which we don't see enough of) this film feels very forced and unnecessary, which it is. This is the last of the Saw movies I will be watching, it's not the best or the worst, but it should have been the end.