I vizi morbosi di una governante

I vizi morbosi di una governante


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I vizi morbosi di una governante torrent reviews

Gina S (de) wrote: It was ghey, All the bronies in the film were all autistic and clowns, Propaganda by idiots, The show is really well done but it's like making a documentary on Adventure Time fans, It can't wait till they do a documentary on PewDiePie fans and how they like a faggot that nobody likes, This documentary is seriously lies.

Jim M (us) wrote: The cast and crew of an amatuer porn production are driving threw Mexico when they learn from a Stranger the location of a ghost town called Los Sangre de Dios that seems perfect for there film. Disregarding the warnings and legends about an insane Luchador, El Mascarado, they enter the town only to find El Mascarado is real as he begins to pick them off one by one decorating the walls with there faces... The good: Short and sweet, doesn't waist too much time on setup, some nice gore effects, some gratoitus nudity, lovely ladies, Irwin Keyes as The Stranger and Rey Misterio Sr. as El Mascarado. The Bad: Unlikable characters, some low budget moments, one skinny chick who needs to eat something, one fat man who exists to spot exposition every 10 minutes, "How do we stop him...take his mask off, Leyla Milani basically plays Last Girl here after being almost completly oblivious to the preceding 60 minutes of the film (runs about 75 minutes), well Leyla Milani is a lovely woman the camera lingers on her ass or crotch a little to long for comfort in some scenes where she's hiding or running from the killer passing into the realm of uncomfortable (IMHO) Final analysis: Average slasher movie, you'll find it deceint enough if thats your thing.

Rancour C (it) wrote: This is kind of a stupid, pointless documentary, but I did sit through the entire thing....

Janne K (nl) wrote: Eastwood had Dirty Harry, bronson had Dead Wish. I think this should become Sorbos own saga. This was good and the WT 3 was even better.

Salik Y (ca) wrote: If you want to see a biographical or biopic (whatever u call it), this movie is larger than life. I even wrote a poem while watching it drowned in its ecstasy.

Nate K (fr) wrote: Will Ferrell suprised me

Lus Fernando B (nl) wrote: Embora apresente uma bela diversidade de personagens e histrias, falha em desenvolver apropriadamente essas mesmas tramas e personagens (a ponto de algumas soarem desnecessrias ou at confusas). Tambm peca ao no transmitir com total eficincia a tenso e precariedade do presdio, sendo que a chacina final torna-se, no mnimo, incompreensvel. Trilha sonora dispensvel em algumas cenas.

Ralph R (fr) wrote: A simple okay will suffice.

Tommy F (jp) wrote: It was entertaining enough. Pretty humorous, pretty interesting story... worth the watch

Phil S (mx) wrote: Joyous. A pure injection of fun via great filmmaking. As bellendy as that sounds...

Indra W (ru) wrote: Can not stop commenting through all the scenes. Yes, it is that bad. But the story has some trace of originality.