I Wake Up Screaming

I Wake Up Screaming

A young promoter (Mature) is accused of the murder of Vicky Lynn (Landis), a young actress he "discovered" as a waitress while out with ex-actor Robin Ray and gossip columnist Larry Evans.

Why is Inspector Ed Cornell trying to railroad Frankie Christopher for the murder of model Vicky Lynn? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (ag) wrote: The ending is not surprising but the story is somehow interesting. You really wanna know what happens in the end... I also read in teaser trailer and in here that it's classified as a horror movie, not even close!

Daniel M (ru) wrote: The one and only true measure of a bad movie is if your only reaction to it is anger. I am truly furious at this phenomenally insulting stumbling block of evolution. I took this shit personal and as a result, I refuse to rate this stupid shit! FUCK HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicolas P (gb) wrote: Autentica y colorida.

Michael O (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this flick a lot!

Jared B (au) wrote: The formula was there. Base the game solidly on the movie, not the silly piece of garbage it ended up.

Asta S (br) wrote: Pretty damn stupid, highly contrived and not original at all.

Victor M (jp) wrote: Leaving aside the political issue, "Munich" is efficient and effective as an action thriller film. But as an ethical argument, it is dubious. If the film would've been made by other not Jewish director, we could take a look in a more impartial way. In my opinion, there are some timid questionings to the Israeli policy of vengeance but in the end their methods are validated.

Scott C (au) wrote: This wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

Stavros V (fr) wrote: The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends (Linus Roache, Vincent Perez), who end up on opposing sides in the civil war in Sarajevo. One is an expert marksman, who trains the snipers used to terrify the city and the other becomes a freedom fighter, who rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city.

Tuomas R (au) wrote: Ennalta-arvattava mutta ajoittan varsin tehokas. Scott Glenn tekee lyhyen mutta tehokkaan sivuosa!

Chris M (kr) wrote: I do like Will Smith, IMO he's always watchable and often improves a film. But even his likeability and charisma can't rescue this. There are nice moments and it's shot beautifully (surely one of the most back-handed compliments about films?!). But it's genuinely overwhelmed by its own sense of gravitas and worthiness that I just got bored by the end.The atonement theme is heavy-handed (why couldn't it have been FOUR pounds?!), and the film almost collapses beneath it. And the longer it went on the more I found myself picking at its (many) contrivances and plot holes (how DO you keep a tropical ocean-dwelling jellyfish alive in an icy bath?)...

Linda T (au) wrote: Excellent film with great photography!