I Want to Go to School

I Want to Go to School

Part of BFI collection "A Day in the Life."

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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I Want to Go to School torrent reviews

Walter V (jp) wrote: I rated quite high only cause I sat through the movie

Sarah S (ag) wrote: it has chris brown in it!!!!!!!

Buddy A (au) wrote: Oh my gosh how much worse can movies get!

Charles E (de) wrote: it was entertaining, a group enters and abandoned hospital that had a psych ward the spirit of one of the interns is crazy and wants to get out.has someone genuine creepy moments but its not that scary

Christo A (ru) wrote: Though racism is the main topic, i thought this film was crap funny, though disturbing at times!! People are so freaking p**sed about absolutely everything that they fail to see the humor in life. Leon Schuster regularly gets dressed in blackface in order to disguise himself for his candid pranks, and it works, cuz people are fooled by it and they laugh at themselves for not realizing it. He disguised himself as a black African woman for the film ''Mama Jack'', though nobody found it racist until he portrayed a white sangoma in Mr Bones.

Dennis M (mx) wrote: Love The fights Scenes and I Guess i Can Like The Story and How Jet Li can be also Known as A Superhero!

Carlos I (nl) wrote: So damn funny. Nobody really does it like Mel anymore...

Joshua G (mx) wrote: An epic near-masterpiece, both groundbreaking and relentless in it's vision. Superbly acted, wonderfully created and brought to the screen thanks to the bravery of Frank Capra and the writing of Riskin and Hilton. A phenomenal result for the 1930's.

Robert C (ru) wrote: All things considered...a very polished looking film. Based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Vincent Price is delightfully morose as poor Verden Fell. A widower who (along with his new bride) is haunted by the memory(?) of his deceased(?) wife. One of the better Corman films in my opinion. Full of creepy fun, cheap scares and over the top acting. Oh and an omnipresent "FLYING" cat...can't forget the omnipresent flying cat!

Ben R (de) wrote: White Lightning which was the first installment of Gator McKlusky movies Starring Burt Reynolds was a good enough effort, but lacked alot of action,suspense and was very light on humor. I'm happy to say that Gator is one hell of an action packed, well paced, hilariously funny Burt Reynolds film. This was filmed during the mid 70s right before Burt's shot into super stardom with Smokey and The Bandit, and you can tell Mr.Reynolds is in his prime during this period. Right out the gate the movie starts off with a fantastic action scene that involves a boat chase in the bayou, showing Burt could do his own stunts back in the day. The plot centers around the fact that the local governor is using McKlusky yet again to go after a former friend... Bama McCall played by Jerry Reed because he owes some taxes and is suspected of indulging in some unsavory business practices. I made a comment in my other review for White Lightning saying that Ned Beatty the bad guy in that was very non threatening and not dangerous at all. Jerry Reed plays the total scumbag complete with southern drawl and violent temper. Reed shows off his stunt man fighting skills a couple times in this and I must say I was extremely impressed. He played the heavy just wonderfully and gave Burt a run for his money along with his creepy Henchmen, one played by a 7 foot tall monster of a man. Veteran character actor Jack Weston does a great job playing the fish outta water NYC detective, hired by the local governor to locate and blackmail McKlusky into going after his friend. Weston and Reynolds really work well as a comedic team, and I would have liked to see more movies with them together. Lauren Hutton Plays the sexy female lead back in her glory days as a leading actress and did a good enough job, but nothing super special. I really liked how the film would have these laugh out loud moments,then go to a super serious scene that usually involved some real issues such as underage prostitution,poverty and drug use. All in all this film was well balanced with the comedy,action and drama. Not to mention this was Burt Reynolds first directing gig and I would have to say this was one hell of a way to start out. Reynolds does a few creative shots, and the lighting is actually shot better here than in the previous film. The action scenes were just works of art if you're a fan of boat chases and bar fights. I'll also add that I really dug the 70s southern funk soundtrack. Jerry Reed also did the awsome theme song that starts during the opening credits.Pretty much If you're a fan of 70s action comedies and like your movies with a bit of a southern flavor, you can't go wrong with Gator.

Jrmie A (fr) wrote: Best movie from Leone, and one of the best Gangster film of all time alongside The Godfather Part I/II and Goodfellas.

Augustine H (gb) wrote: The approach is interesting.

Evangelos C (de) wrote: Good, if not stretched a little too much. 'Barry Lyndon' is an interesting choice of a film, better suited for patient viewers and Kubrick's fans. The old-time story is told through carefully measured cinematic dialogue, the occasional delectable narration and a heavy load of music. The latter is relatively flawed in the earlier parts of the film, overpowering dialogue at times it shouldn't while being repetitive and not particularly suited to the varying occasions, but music eventually becomes good enough, graciously accompanying dialogue or vividly emerging to shroud the action. Silence itself in the form of background noise becomes deafening at times, but in a rather helpful way, as if it was music on its own. The details in sounds generally does great, with even the least noticeable movement of a dress being captured and transferred to the viewer's ear, further supporting merging the audience in the atmosphere. The photography itself is stunning, masterfully using light and shadow, and smoke or fog, in a grand variety of shots from close-ups to others so far and wide, we can't even see the actors' faces. Each and every angle has its own significance, whether we see large chandeliers or petty candles, from the fields of battle to the not less vicious salons.The fact that this film is divided in two parts makes the concept of watching it a little more bearable, but be warned, if you can't stand 3 hours of a slow-paced story, this likely isn't for you. Others will appreciate the output in filmography, and the widespread but otherwise dense plot and emotions.