I Was a Teenage Strangler

I Was a Teenage Strangler

The Strange brothers, Winston and Myles, are having a party and they've invited all of the local slackers and freaks. But a masked man shows up and starts strangling people to death at every available opportunity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   party,  

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I Was a Teenage Strangler torrent reviews

GhostShadow X (ag) wrote: Really the only thing worth seeing about this movie were the zombies...with some actual terrifying situations...other than that, the acting was TERRIBLE! I actually think i rated generously.

Chris M (mx) wrote: As interesting as the story could have been, I just couldn't get into Do You Like Hitchcock. This may very well be one of Dario Argento's worst films. It feels so lifeless compared to all his other films. It screams out TV MOVIE with every frame. The characters are not interesting, the story begins to get dull, and Argento's usual style is nowhere to be found. One would be forgiven for thinking this was a Lifetime movie of the week.Skip it, even if you're a die hard Argento fan.

Private U (us) wrote: Ever been on a first date?

blueprintsrecords2 (it) wrote: So Bad it's really bad!

Scott C (fr) wrote: Extremely raunchy 80s comedy. Surprisingly memorable, but lacking in any sort of feel-good factor.

Sofia (fr) wrote: Just because there's been a nuclear holocaust there's no reason to stop being a snappy dresser. And if white leather with enormous shoulder pads and cod pieces is wrong I never want to be right! Let's just hope this production was at least as cheap as it looked... Only nine years left, people!

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Un film qui trane un peu en longueur mais qui reste hypnotisant grce au talent de Scorsese jusqu'au final et l'interprtation magistrale de "New York, New York" par Minnelli. J'en ai encore des frissons.

Ricardo A (nl) wrote: Great performances and a lot of tense moments get toned down by war propaganda. Lifeboat is another great Hitchcock movie.

Matthew O (au) wrote: Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man is an enjoyable, surprisingly overlooked monster movie. The tone, action, and characters are all in line with the classic Universal pictures, and with that keeps the gothic style that makes these so interesting. Also there's a random musical sequence, those are always cool. That's really all there is to say, go check it out sometime and enjoy one of the best monster sequels.

Angelo Dean B (jp) wrote: 2 Stars1 Star for Kate Bosworth and 1 Star for the Place

Shin B (ag) wrote: What "Good Luck Chuck" Left Behind

Justa C (ca) wrote: One of the greatest movies of all times! Nino Brown was a bad man! Action, adventure, drama, and revenge! Great watch!