I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

A meat-eating teenager (Michael Landon) sees a psychiatrist (Whit Bissell), who only makes things worse.

A troubled teenager seeks help through hypnotherapy, but his evil doctor uses him for regression experiments that transform him into a rampaging werewolf. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Was a Teenage Werewolf torrent reviews

WS W (es) wrote: Generally bad & boring.

Cody T (us) wrote: Very good comedy. If i hadn't known that it was fake I would have definitely believed this was a genuine documentary on porn addiction.

Harry P (it) wrote: A rubbish film version of a great book. The director Bernard Rose should be taken outside at dawn and shot by firing squad.

Nick G (de) wrote: A modern, gruesome dramatization of what class warfare has done to metropolitan Mexican cities.

Gareth D (es) wrote: An enjoyable enough urban action romp, not smart, but not dull with a bit of romance thrown in.

Joel S (mx) wrote: It was cute, but not a German-language must see.

Jon F (de) wrote: what a suck job for mister gallo at the end of the film

David D (ag) wrote: A few effective chills and a somewhat intriguing plot

Andruw F (kr) wrote: The definition of a guilty pleasure movie, especially around the time it came out. So bad, but so good, especially if you like the topic.

Timmy H (mx) wrote: I somewhat enjoyed this pointless drama.

Alex V (es) wrote: Michelle just rocks. Touching.

Katrina A (ru) wrote: Mesmerizing cinematography, unusual and interesting plot. Definitely look forward to watching again!

Private U (kr) wrote: John Philip Sousa is and still remains the best composer in American Band Literature today!!! I have watched this movie ever since I was little!!! I watch it every 4th of July!!!

Derek B (nl) wrote: This film is intense.

Cinthy S (us) wrote: It's an American Classic, the value of friendship and love is always present- if we didn't think too much about issues we face and make them complicated in our heads we'd always remember to follow our hearts, love is the answer and Forrest always is uncomplicated and loving, no matter the circumstance.

Ioana (br) wrote: so disappointed after reading the book. They really altered a lot. But it was nice to see Rosie come to life.

Karyl K (br) wrote: This movie is great. It was an unusual and fun story. It's refreshing in a world of endless sequels and pointless remakes. God forbid someone should imagine and create an unusual story. All performances were good: Mickey Rourke, Sarah Silverman, Emma Roberts, Nat Wolff, Kevin Dunn. Who cares if it is a mash up of different genres or threads. It worked.

Gary J (gb) wrote: Very brave of the boys actually there, but this film is so predictable and drawn out. I found it boring.