I Will Follow

I Will Follow

Chronicles a day in the life of a grieving woman, and the twelve visitors who help her move forward.

Chronicles a day in the life of a grieving woman, and the twelve visitors who help her move forward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack O (us) wrote: An entire Brony documentary that never mentions CLOPPERS !...next on my documentary list is 'Iraq: A Modern Paradise' that discusses how perfect, peaceful and successful current day Iraq is :)

Shannon L (jp) wrote: aside from the deceiving title, Noobz details the depressing tale of a man who looses touch with reality as he slowly dwells into dementia. Jason mewes' acting is really the marvel of this piece of cinema, with his amazing range and heartfelt performance Noobz shall remain one of the greatest pieces of media ever produced.

M C (br) wrote: Adults won't fall for the thin plot, but kids will like this better-than-usual Adam Sandler movie. 56/100

Sylvester K (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this little piece of gem. Laugh my whole way though. Kinda silly and campy, but the lines were hilarious and the story itself is really cute. The humour used was pretty decent, not like the comedies these days.

Keith R (fr) wrote: Im a big Doomsday preppersf fan, so I loved " American Blackout " Without power, it doesnt hurt for folks to have certain items on hand. I thought it was enlightening as opposed to fear mongering.

Rasheed T (nl) wrote: The adaption of the video game with fighting scenes in the movie was pretty gold but that's all I can really say.

David W (jp) wrote: Very well told and a cool soundtrack that follows. Forest Whitaker + A samurai sword= Awesome!

Dave W (nl) wrote: Seriously. People critics need to watch these movies before they rate them. At minimum this film is clever and looks like the cast and crew had a blast making it I think Van Dam gets whipped in the ass with an eel while running a rickshaw.

Knox M (nl) wrote: Its trailer might suggest it to be a cheap 70's disaster movie, but it's actually pretty good. Also stars the underrated Charlton Heston.

Private U (it) wrote: All of these Road movies are hilarious and classics. You gotta love the crosby and hope team.

RC M (jp) wrote: Just before the WOLFMAN Lon Jr. Starred in this,as Dynamo Dan-the Electric Man.Lionel Atwill turns carnival performer into a monster who's touch kills. Was to be called the ELECTRIC MAN,starring Karloff and Lugosi,but was shelved. Fun movie!!! Good Creature Feature type stuff!

Kyle B (us) wrote: This is a wonderful film with great performances from Leila Hyams and the freaks themselves. There isn't a whole lot to the story so that why I did absolutely love it but it is a great movie

Alex T (jp) wrote: It may seem slightly odd, bizarre and confusing in its non-linear structure, but as the story progresses, you can begin to piece things together quite nicely. It is superbly directed, and acted tremendously by the three leads.

Morgan E (kr) wrote: The face noises were pretty obnoxious.

Kashfia F (ag) wrote: Sounds like so much fun!