I Will Follow You Into the Dark

I Will Follow You Into the Dark

A woman reeling from the death of her parents becomes attached to an alluring man whose sudden disappearance sends her and her friends into a haunted high-rise to find him.

A woman (Mischa Barton) named Sophia and her friends go in search of her lover (Ryan Eggold), who has suddenly disappeared somewhere within the haunted apartment building they inhabit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (nl) wrote: I'm not the target audience, but the main character is actually too annoying to be likeable. Hard to appreciate her flaws when you just wish she'd think before she spoke or acted, just ONCE

Scott B (au) wrote: A fascinating documentary interviewing top scientists about our place in the universe, the history of cosmology, and issues of today's Standard Model. Open minded and open-ended in its presentation, this film is not for those drunk on the cool-aid of today's demagogues - which is a good sign.

Hayden G (jp) wrote: A beguiling, transfixing, and hypnotic odyssey through the metaphysical and mystic. What a trip.

Liam B (ag) wrote: Quite simply the worst movie I have ever watched.

James K (ag) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie, but there's only so much to find appealing in this: Scantly impressive fight choreography, unique visual presentation. The rest is just really, really irritating. It's like a casual anime fan's weird attempt at not taking not taking themselves seriously. So much of it is silly. The narration grows super-monotonous. I wouldn't care that it was cliche if there was anything to care about or find unique in the characters. Everyone in this has done so much better... Ultimately, this has been forgettable,

Greg W (de) wrote: directed by the gr8 walter Matthau's son Charles

Ryan L (ca) wrote: One of the best documentaries on Superman I have seen!

Bill K (es) wrote: A Predator knock-off with bitchy ass Gen-X'ers instead of tough-as-nails soldiers. Unimaginative camera angles & poor alien design. You won't give a damn about any of the victims either.

TheScarlatescu R (gb) wrote: the story wants to be smart and sexy,but its not enough to keep this movie interesting

Sharlie K (us) wrote: It's an awesome movie!

Matthias W (fr) wrote: heerlijke edelkitsch

Mohd S (ca) wrote: The movie that I will never forget.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Ultra-cheap and disgusting.

Allan C (au) wrote: Regular "Twilight Zone" writers Charles Beaumont & Richard Matheson wrote the script for this supernatural story about a college professor who finds out his recent success is due to his wife dabbling in witchcraft. Things quickly go downhill for everyone from there. It's classier and smarter than your average AIP horror film; more Val Lewton than Roger Corman.

Joshua R (au) wrote: Mission Impossible just got better, intense, fast and with some great action sequences, the fourth installment of the franchise really shine by it's own. Tom Cruise, does some amazing stunts in this movie, some of them really crazy, but he does it for the thrills and to make us happy and we got an amazing action movie.