I Wish I Knew

I Wish I Knew

Focuses on the people, their stories and architecture spanning from the mid-1800s, when Shanghai was opened as a trading port, to the present day.

Focuses on the people, their stories and architecture spanning from the mid-1800s, when Shanghai was opened as a trading port, to the present day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (jp) wrote: a bleak and foreboding coming of age drama set in Germany during the dying days of WWII--Ethical challenges and compelling compassion!!

Luc T (it) wrote: This is one of the worst films I've ever seen.

Alex K (de) wrote: Not as good as the first but better then 2 and 3 and the flight scenes are great.

Ida T (nl) wrote: Hilariously awful movie with awesome comedic performace from Mr. Misha Collins.

Matt W (de) wrote: It's bad in virtually every way, but the dancing is so good, that it is enjoyable and enthralling. The acting is fine, and the story is generic, but every scene has some kind of dance sequence and it keeps you interested.

Eddie G (gb) wrote: nice role by glogovac, acting a bosnian taxi driver. but movie it self ain't that good,

Vincent A (br) wrote: "Un baiser s'il vous plait" pourrait fonctionner, si si. Le film aurait vraiment pu m'amuser, me toucher, si si. Mais cette micro-comdie sur-embourgeoise et sur-thatralise (bien pire encore qu'un Depleschin faon "un conte de Nol") ne parvient pas faire vibrer la moindre corde sensible. Les moments doux deviennent froids, tristes et du coup ennuyeux sous la camra du ralisateur-acteur ; on s'attend ds lors une monte en intensit, qui n'arrive finalement jamais. Les dialogues absurdes sonnent hautains dans la bouche de Virginie Ledoyen et Emmanuel Mouret (Julie Gayet et Michael Cohen s'en sortent un peu mieux, mais l'criture reste trop plate pour tre toucher de faon authentique).Il y avait du potentiel dans "un baiser s'il vous plait", mais froideur de l'image, de la bourgeoisie et du texte gchent finalement tout ce qui aurait pu donner ici un peu de piment.

Michael N (fr) wrote: this film destroys me. there are no words.

Kristal C (ag) wrote: Even if you're not a Neil Simon fan, how could you not adore this cast?! As usual, Simon's humour is corny yet still manages to be occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. Double-bill this with Clue and it won't be a wasted night.

Andy C (au) wrote: Another MST3K classsssic that I haven't seen for a while.

Jeffrey N (gb) wrote: I have a strange fixation with Tina Fey, so right off the bat, my rating may be tainted. However, I thought it was the best acting she had ever done, especially the final dramatic scene with her mom. I love Paul Rudd too, so this would have just had to be stupidly written to have been bad. And it wasn't. It was unique and precious. I'm not sure why there was so much hate toward it.

SpcT0rres (br) wrote: Like many have said, the ending is horrible and unbelievable. The movie itself, is by no means a masterpiece, but it's at least watchable. I feel as though they didn't know how to end the film, which is how we got the ending we did.

Andrew L (us) wrote: One of the best comedies ever made. One of the best zombie films ever made. The only decent British film for a long time.