I Won't Let You Not Love Me

I Won't Let You Not Love Me

Two men, each with serious problems with their partners, agree on a plan: one to avenge his lover and the other to retrieve some diamonds. However, the result is not as expected and many complications arise.

Two men, each with serious problems with your partner, match in a Chinese restaurant. They agree on a plan, one to avenge her lover, the other to recover some diamonds that are held by his ex-wife. The complicity of the two men is shattering, and the result of the plan is far from which traced. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arun G (ca) wrote: Lackluster and half-baked!

Diogo B (es) wrote: Na verso cinematogrfica, Precious no a estrela, sua me o . Mo'Nique um monstro talentoso.

Alberto C (br) wrote: Pelicula mexicana, seguramente de muy bajo presupuesto, con eso de que contrataron a adal ramones como actor... aunque si me gusto el final.

Nathaniel B (gb) wrote: I liked it better than the first, but not by half a star.

Dan U (us) wrote: Funny enough, in the same style as American Pie: Naked Mile and American Pie: Beta House.

Bo C (jp) wrote: Another great film from "the other Kurosawa". If you don't understand it the first time, watch it again, and you'll love it. Plus, it's hard not to love Kji Yakusho.

Louay J (es) wrote: Recommended if you are a fan of Spanish cinema. Well acted and intriguing laid-back thriller. Starts as a seemingly series of unrelated events but it all comes together as the plot unravels. And yes, it's a thriller not a porno. Don't get too carried away by the poster or the title.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Another sequel with nothing to really add. Has the dubious distinction of wasting two top talents in Carradine and Williamson (who seems only to be there to remind the kids to catch the next bus) in supporting roles. This series has not produced a bumper crop.

Chris H (kr) wrote: A powerful and extremely gripping drama.

Walter M (jp) wrote: "If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." - Florynce KennedyIn "A Slightly Pregnant Man," Marco(Marcello Mastroianni) runs his own driving school. His wife Irene(Catherine Deneuve) is a hairdresser. One night at the theatre they have to leave when Marco falls ill. When he sees Dr. Delavigne(Micheline Presle), she sends him to a specialist who confirms that he is in fact four months pregnant."A Slightly Pregnant Man" shows that there is potential in using a silly premise like the above in addressing the changing gender roles in society. But while there is an intelligent discussion about abortion, the movie is wrong when it says that gay men and lesbians cannot have families. Otherwise, writer-director Jacques Demy seems content to rest on the single joke of Marcello Mastroianni being pregnant. Which might have actually been enough to squeeze by, if the ending had not been such a huge cop out.

Jonathan P (au) wrote: Last Summer is a strangely fascinating coming of age film from the late 60s. Barbara Hershey, Richard Thomas, and Bruce Davison try to act (with a few moments of success) while Cathy Burns steals the show. The cheesy voice-overs, lousy acting and lack of a plot for the first forty minutes or so had me ready to give up on Last Summer however once Cathy Burns steps on the set the movie became bearable. While Last Summer isn't anything to write home about it does ask some interesting questions and gives the viewers a lot to ponder, with the last scene a haunting portrayal of mankind at their lowest.

Joel C (nl) wrote: I actually enjoyed this quite a bit, a little lost at first due to what at first feels like emphasis on a relationship eventually turns more into a realistic realtionship context in which to create a commentary on war. A few really haunting moments such as the scene right after the bombing and the final few minutes on water.

tracey l (es) wrote: I love that bindi irwin is in this movie along with other movies as well. I love bindi and her family