I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now?

I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now?

Oliver is in trouble. He's been caught embezzling money from his father's company, and unless he can pay back the $250,000 he took (which he can't), he will be fired from his job, arrested and probably sent to jail. Meanwhile, his rich wife has not only refused to bail him out of this mess, she's planning to divorce him. Desperate, Oliver thinks up a way out. He takes out an insurance policy on his wife with him as the beneficiary, then hires a hit man to kill her. The only problem is that because the doctor who performed the examination is an incompetent fraud, the insurance policy is invalid. Desperate to call off the hit, Oliver tracks down the hit man, only to find that he's subcontracted the killing to another hit man. Tracking down that killer reveals that he, too, has hired it out to a third person, and so on, and so on. Just how many people are trying to kill Oliver's wife?

Oliver is in trouble. He's been caught embezzling money from his father's company, and unless he can pay back the $250,000 he took (which he can't), he will be fired from his job, arrested ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikhil J (gb) wrote: Forget the ratings of this movie. It has got great music, Alicia Silverstone, rock band members trying to play cricket, taught by none other than Sir Pete O' Toole. Loved this as a kid, no reason why I wouldn't love it still.

DeShawn R (es) wrote: Love this movie. One of my favorites from the 90s!

T G (es) wrote: Caught this on Netflix tonight. I get the impression if I was reviewing this back in the 80's it would of been worthy of a couple more stars but unfortunately this is 2014... So looking back at a movie like this equals bad acting and pure corniness. The plus side is the 80's vibe and music which I get very nostalgic about. Add to that the fact that the concept of the movie is quite good in it's own right. All in all a 4/10.

Cludia S (gb) wrote: melhor kusturica de todos.

neil L (ru) wrote: Stupid Stupid Stupid!

Tanda A (ru) wrote: Throughout this whole movie my sister and I were very un-patriotic. We laughed excessivly. (when did you ever see a 13y/o with that deep of a voice) Other hillarious incedents such as the British tearing down a bridge while still standing on it kept us throughly amused. I might point out that we had a pleasent suprise when we reconized a very young Nicolas Cage playing a negectful, not so bright stable boy.

Matt D (fr) wrote: Surely one of the Academy's greatest crimes was awarding this movie Best Picture over 'Citizen Kane'. While there are certainly great scenes and thematic elements that speak to American economics just as much as any film today, the film as a whole is overwrought, episodic, and overly sentimental in the least subtle ways imaginable. John Ford makes it look as beautiful as he always does but the story was far too much of a broad stroke to have much impact on me.

Baby G (kr) wrote: This girl is an angel.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: A decent little film that is just as the title says; a death race. Somehow Joan Allen lended her talents to the screen so there is some credibility to be had here.The movie is about cons who have a chance for survival with the ultimate race...A violent race that puts the drivers against each other with the last one standing the winner.There are some good driving scenes and Statham yet again is a bad ass behind the wheel.It's very violent but good popcorn fun.

Danny M (us) wrote: Bad film. Don't get the hype. I understand it is old but this film is slow pointless and not very funny

Nathan C (ca) wrote: 49% is Good, Not Really, Does not look as bad as the battle of smithsonian but this still isn't the kind of movie i would be interested in watching. Once I know somebody saying one day the franchise would be dead.

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