I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

Around Christmas time, a woman tries to prove the innocence of her dancer husband jailed for a crime she just knows he didn't commit.

A dancer is pinned for murder after his shoe prints are found at the scene of the crime. His wife follows the trail of clues to the genuine killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes torrent reviews

Annie Y (jp) wrote: excellent... all good acting for the actors

Steven L (ru) wrote: I always look for the "new" perspective of WWII films. In addition to the foreign influence in the French resistance, this film highlighted ways in which families were affected by the involvement in the resistance movement.

Luke W (it) wrote: Fascinating doc about object design, definitely not a subject I would have filmed.

A Z (ru) wrote: Not that bad. Not great acting though. Easy movie to watch.

Mike O (kr) wrote: very good movie about coming of age.

Jed G (ru) wrote: This is the first Dracula film I have ever seen, and it is certainly not a dramatic, terror-inducing romantic horror - it's just a dumb action film with sex and gore. And what can I say? It's loads of fun.

Claudette A (de) wrote: A very poweful movie about abortion issues. Three women who want to terminated their pregnancy.

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