Adaptation of the suite "Iberia" by Isaac Albeniz. Documentary about the world of flamenco. The story arises from the music itself and those who interpret it: the musicians and dancers. The film recreates and reinvents musical pieces and merges classical ballet, contemporary and Spanish dance and flamenco

A series of dances inspired by composer Isaac Albéniz's "Iberia" suite. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sohrab H (es) wrote: A 3 would normally be decent but this documentary disappointed me especially because it does such a poor job covering a matter that I am passionate about: journalism. There is plenty of very interesting material here but this documentary had no structure and organization to it whatsoever. It just came across as one big mish mash of a work. The New York Times is a newspaper that continues to set the standard around the world of what top quality journalism should be aspire to be like and this documentary did not do it any justice. One thing I did like about the documentary and why it at least got a 3- the story of the NYT reporter David Carr though is fantastic! I want to read his book "The Night of the Gun". He is one very interesting dude.

Janika Maria B (au) wrote: the first one was by, all means, the best of all three

Dave J (gb) wrote: Monday, April 16, 2012 (2003) Osama (In Dari/ Pashtu with English subtitles) DRAMA Inspired by real incidents and described as another film which dwells at one time where females are respressed or treated as less than inferior than their male counterparts. In this case it's the result after the war in Afganistan following after the war with Russia, leaving Taliban extremists to impose harsh conditions involving suppressing women, and in this case from the eyes of a 12 year old girl calling herself "Osama" hence the title, to dress up as a young boy to help feed her all female family which also includes a mother and her grandmother. Although alot of it shown is based on fact one way or another, there's still one big inconsistency near the end when it involved the elder employer leaving the village without any warning, and the young 12 year old girl still continued to pose as a young boy when she didn't need to anymore. 3 out of 4

Ondej L (it) wrote: John Turtorro is just wonderful.

Weston R (gb) wrote: how could this series not be a winner?

Short Horror R (fr) wrote: More humerous than the previous films, exchanging the horror elements and scare factor for black comedy laughs

Jareth S (gb) wrote: Another great film from the Dardenne brothers.

Wayne H (de) wrote: Not near as funny as Dollman and even more annoying than Demonic Toys and with less Tracy Scoggins and too many flashbacks-including one for a non-existant movie! I couldn't wait for the clown-worm-jack in the box to bite it. The best part of the movie was that it moved quickly and seemed to end before I could totally bash my head in.

minence G (it) wrote: Ne mogu virovat da san pogledala ovo. 4 baze i neprocjenivi Zed momenti. Najbolja je ma?ka na televiziji sa titlovima I want tuna, I want liver. Nemoguce lose.

David W (us) wrote: With an incredible soundtrack, performances, and imagery, Run Lola Run will make me you rerun the film again and again

Alex S (au) wrote: Decent Nicolas Cage supernatural thriller, best film he's done in recent years.