Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Times are changing for Manny the moody mammoth, Sid the motor mouthed sloth and Diego the crafty saber-toothed tiger. Life heats up for our heroes when they meet some new and none-too-friendly neighbors – the mighty dinosaurs.

Manny the mammoth nervously pampers his expectant mate, Ellie bristles at the thought of Manny's domesticated existence. Meanwhile, Sid the sloth continues to annoy everybody, and Scrat the rock rat is still trying to get that acorn. Although Sid tries his best to raise the three dinosaurs, their rambunctious behavior scares away all the other animals' young and ruins a playground Manny built for Ellie's baby, and well as the ice mobile Manny made. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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