ICE Agent

ICE Agent

Director and actor Ray O'Neill presents the movie ICE Agent in the year (2013). The movie is an action-adventure spy film starring Ray O'Neill, Michael Madsen, Joanna Pacula, Tamas Menyhart and Ray Goodwin.

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ICE Agent torrent reviews

Jason C (jp) wrote: great doc about Cap'n Video. Yeeooow!

Micah Nahum F (de) wrote: This sorry attempt at a horror film is riddled with bad acting, poor plot development (aided by lackluster writing), and an embarrassingly clumsy handling of its alarmist plot. It fails to be even remotely scary or environmentally provocative. The only thing interesting here is the vast and infinitely white scenery that is sadly underutilized.

Dan O (nl) wrote: My eyes were rolling so much I think I hurt myself. Bad acting, bad dialogue, get the point.

Fresnel A (ag) wrote: Well thats one of my favorite movie anyone didnt watch that movie need to see it.

Mariana A (au) wrote: It was alright. Had some funny moments, but overall it wasn't that great.

David B (de) wrote: I was not sure what to expect from this film but I was pleasantly surprised. A male escort played by Woody Harrelson mixes with high flying socialites, Tomlin, Bacall and Scott Thomas when their husbands are away. He gets dragged into a murder when Scott Thomas's lover is found dead in his house. Harrelson starts a bit of investigating himself and a web of mystery unfolds. His male partner also gets dragged in with him.I really enjoyed this film. Schrader who wrote Taxi Driver and directed American Gigolo has fleshed these characters out nicely so there is plenty of interesting detail. Harrelson is understated and gives a brilliant method performance. Scott Thomas does fine with her part and there are excellent supporting performances by Tomlin, Bacall and in particular Moritz Bleibtreu.Schrader's direction is smooth and controlled. An excellent film.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: this film is long and centimental and about family and friendship

Kristopher E (au) wrote: The much maligned Cronenberg film that is overdue a reassessment .