Ice Blues

Ice Blues

This new installment in the popular and critically-acclaimed Donald Strachey Mystery series finds America’s favorite gay private investigator, Donald Strachey (Chad Allen), taking on the most complicated case of his career. After his long-time partner, Tim (Sebastian Spence), asks him to uncover the source of an anonymous and generous donation to the Albany youth center, he gets caught in a whirlwind of deceit and danger. When the lawyer who presented the donation turns up dead, the hard-boiled Strachey must race against the clock to capture the killer before he strikes again."

Tim Callahan, aide to New York Senator Lauren Platt, is disappointed that all of the $3 million funding has been pulled from his latest pet project, a safe zone for children and youth. His ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (nl) wrote: In another splendid period piece tale, The Face Reader tells the story of Kim Na-keong. He is a very talented "face reader", one who uses his talents to find out the personalities and secrets of others just by looking at them. After getting a job at a courtesan house, Kim Na-keong and his brother-in-law get in trouble by solving a murder, and getting in between two rival gangs. Their notoriety leads them to a meeting with the King himself, and the movie turns into one full of political danger and intrigue.Kang-ho Song is back! He plays the role very well, a calm and collected man who quickly gets famous with his skills. Part detective story, part political thriller, the movie finds the right balance by having a sprawling narrative and story.The movie ends in a way you won't see coming, and ultimately its about seeing a world one of two ways: Straight up as it is, or how it will be when the world changes. Full of nuanced performances (especially Lee Jung-jae), The Face Reader is a powerful period piece film and allegorical tale.

Jed D (au) wrote: Joe Pesci, in another very comical performance. Great supporting cast and an overall fun film.

Vivica D (mx) wrote: If they really wanted to make an accurate movie about Lebanon, PA they should have cast a lot more Puerto Ricans. I find it ironic that this entire movie is all about values and morals, when nobody in Lebanon has any. This movie should be about driving around and smoking shitty weed. More Ghetto Mobil on 12th street please!!

Geovany P (ru) wrote: Hartnett actually shines in this one.

Cynthia S (de) wrote: If watching other people's home movies, and chatlogs, about new age mumbo jumbo appeals to you, knock yourself out--but I was too bored to give this movie the kind of attention it demanded to follow its disjointed out-of-order scenes. 146 minutes was way too much for me on this one.

Unbreakable S (jp) wrote: A well crafted drama from director Scott Hicks (Shine). This movie feautures beautiful cinematography, and solid performances from it's entire cast, including a nice debut performance from Rick Yune as Kazuo Miyamoto. His murder trial is the main setting of the movie, but Ishmael Chambers' (Ethan Hawke) undying life long love for Miyamoto's wife (Youki Kudoh), and the racism against the Japanese because of Pearl Harbor end up being the soul of the film.(B)

Liy D (au) wrote: Just a bland movie about an end of the year party for high schoolers

Marion R (au) wrote: Santa Claus, The Devil and Merlin. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for a bad film! Okay, it is pretty bad, but such fun when mocking it.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/10/2012)

Thomas B (fr) wrote: There's very little to like or laugh at in this "comedy." Full review later.

Austin G (us) wrote: Disney had done better animated features up to this point (2007), but Meet the Robinsons has surprising emotional depth.

Joey C (br) wrote: DMX tells the story of the gangsters American dream. David Marquette does great in this film too. Highly entertaining, my kind of story.

Matthew S (us) wrote: George Roy Hill's 1977 comedy about an aging hockey player and his minor league team remains just as rude, crude and inappropriately funny as it must have been at the time of it's release. Paul Newman is outstanding, but it is Nancy Dowd's script and Hill's adaptation of it that makes it shine. The humor here often verges on sophomoric, but the insights are fairly potent. Great film.

Waleed A (ca) wrote: Remarkable. Phenomenal. the best superhero movie ever made. Definitely the best villain in ANY movie, not just superhero movies. The story was awesome, the action was awesome, the acting was elite, the situations in the movie were unique and creative. The film continues the story from the original very well. The psychological aspects of Bruce Wayne from the first film are still prevalent. And the Joker. Wow the Joker. So perfect. So evil. So villainous. Heath Ledger did a ridiculously awesome job. Furthermore, the way the story was written perfectly encapsulates the Joker's character. The Joker's plans and intentions were so different from those of any other villain. This film will live on as the GOAT. (6 viewings)

Duncan W (kr) wrote: Genuinely torturous. Awful.