Ice Princess

Ice Princess

With the help of her coach, her parents, and the boy who drives the Zamboni machine, nothing can stop Casey (Trachtenberg) from realizing her dream to be a champion figure skater.

A teenager is torn between her desire to please her mother and following her fantasy of becoming a championship figure skater. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg N (ag) wrote: Yet another "Wonderful Life" formula flick? Well, this one at least justifies the use of the classic storyline, moreso than James Belushi's "Mr. Destiny", and despite a polished effort by Nicholas Cage, more effectively than "The Family Man".Many of the sentiments hit home in the seemingly unfortuitous life of Scott Murphy, particularly in the small town of Coldwater, Ohio, where Kurt Russel is ideally cast as his high school football coach, and who perhaps is as much at home in this small town, as he is portraying the role, in this touching family oriented sleeper.

Patric C (au) wrote: Simply put, this is an energetic and hilarious film that won't disappoint.

Gillian C (mx) wrote: well it did "inspired" me to wiki about him & his family but it's kinda dry...

Barb T (fr) wrote: Loved all the quirky characters. The script could have used a bit of help, as it seemed to go off on too many tangents. Some of the scenes should have been left on the cutting room floor. But, this is basically an enjoyable film about love, loss, trust and faith.

Steve D (nl) wrote: There is a fine line between a good parody and a bad slasher this stepped over it

Tim M (kr) wrote: What a sad story. I thought Dromedary camels were ridiculous but Bactrians are far stranger. This intimate portrait of a pathetic family eking out a living in the Gobi Desert is touching in its minimalism.

Maxine T (fr) wrote: I saw this when I was a kid, but I remember nothing about it...sooo...

Nathan J (us) wrote: My friend Hayden Williams said it was really cool. He gives it 100% certified fresh.

John S (ru) wrote: Unforgettable; colorful and inventive. Robots might be some kind of choppy, but thanks to its talented cast, Robots isn't bad as animated filfths.

Forrest S (ca) wrote: Great performances, however the film moves slowly. Ultimately, revealing the unsavory character of those in the political process doesn't feel like a reveal in this day and age.

Elena L (it) wrote: When I heard that Portman was cast as Lizzie, the stars where shining just for me. But too soon the rumours changed and eventually we were served with... this. It's not completely bad, but it could have been so much more.