Ice Quake

Ice Quake

As the permafrost melts in Alaska, underground rivers of volatile liquid methane form which sets off a series of devastating earthquakes. Forced apart by this violent occurrence, one family must find each other during the holidays and work to stop the deadly rivers that could cause a worldwide catastrophy.

Beneath the Alaskan landscape, the melting permafrost is about to drastically alter the tranquil scenery. As the permafrost thaws, underground rivers of volatile liquid Methane are created,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavel D (nl) wrote: Nice summary of what we all already suspect

Mats V (br) wrote: A great comedy. (If you discount the fact that all those people were victims of communist dictatorship)

Ross H (br) wrote: There are some horror movies that aren't that original but yet you see something in them that you know there's potential there. While I liked a lot of things in this film there were a few things that weren't so good either but director Joseph Ariola did more good than bad. First off the music had kind of an industrial sound to it that worked more than it didn't. Also you know those times that some things happen which are so ridiculous you have to laugh? Well they're in here too! There's a killer going around knocking on doors and then disposing of them in rather unique and quite gory ways. The killer's mask: not so good, but the gore: pretty good! When we first see head town cop Billie Vega (Kim Taggart) on the scene she's wearing a see through blouse underneath her suit coat!! I thought that was a little hilarious! That's some different attire trying to solve crimes! At first I thought she was just came from a social event but no that's how she's dressing. There's another time when about 4 of the kids are walking in a wooded area when one of the girls is walking ahead of everybody when suddenly she screams and tells them that she saw that guy again, the one she saw outside the diner earlier. Of course they don't really believe her and they ask her where's he at now and she doesn't see him anymore, but as soon as they turn around not 15 feet away the camera shows the killer behind them! I had to laugh! It's this kind of things that made it a little amateurish but the filmmaker's heart is in the right place. Eventually, with a lot of help from a former cop MIke (Antonio Mastrantonio). When I say a lot of help that's what I mean. Billie Vega and her dimwit deputy don't really figure anything out at all! They're totally inept! The film is basically geared more toward the adults trying to figure out what's going on with these kids being murdered and not so much about the kids. As far as the acting goes nobody is very good except for Mike the former cop. Antonio Mastrantonio does a very good job in his performance. This movie came out in 2007 and it's Joseph Ariola's last project on IMDB. This makes me think that since this movie didn't do to good financially that he doesn't have a project in the works. It's too bad, really because I bet with more money and better actors the guy could do something as good as good as all the other slop that gets released direct to dvd. It is a film that has a lot of issues but yet I found enough things in it that I can truly recommend it to the slasher/horror film fan who doesn't nitpick every little thing. And when something happens that's ridiculous in the film? Just enjoy it. Does that make sense? Hey it might not but it is what it is.

Brian D (ru) wrote: Hard to get into this one. Very slow pace and little to be intrigued about.

Kan R (jp) wrote: 73/100-??????????? ????? big cinema ??????? ?????????? ???????

Anders B (fr) wrote: Pretty funny. Midler and Allen are great!

Kyle F (nl) wrote: The US prides themselves for creativity and originality, and when they got the rights to Godzilla they decided to infuse some of this into the movies with their own alterations. Ironically their changes intended to give it flare succeeded at doing nothing more draining it of all originality and interest.

Harpreet S (ca) wrote: This film was rarely funny, just some of the boxing scenes. Surprisingly, I had to watch it with Spanish titles. I think it has one of Keaton's best performances though, I loved the expression of his eyes. Nice film.

Raymond C (ru) wrote: This is the Demon Seeing Kueanue Reeves movie I made reference to which some people knew nothing about. It's about what it's like trying to self aware wake yourself up out of a really bad nightmare. The movies pretty classic,too!