Ben Jordan runs away after accidentally setting fire to a barn in his small New England community. He returns when his mother dies to find that she has left everything to her ward, Jane Crosby.

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Icebound torrent reviews

Armando P (ru) wrote: Overrated movie, but amazing movie, although Nolan could stop borrowing items from another movies like Matrix and this would be a perfect movie.

Lucero C (gb) wrote: I was surprise with this film! turns out to be a pretty great one when you have nothing else to watch! Great cinematography too!

Justin H (fr) wrote: This movie was saved by two things: George Takei, and the random, impressive pair of breasts that would appear every so often in a Batman-esque scene transition. (Technically, I suppose you could say that's three things, but I digress.) There were some humorous/entertaining scenes, but for the most part, the cheesiness felt forced--and that's the problem whenever people set out to -try- and make a cult movie: it never feels genuine. "Ninja Cheerleaders" is far from the worst film I've ever seen, but it fails to fully capitalize on its concept. (The severe lack of actual ninja action certainly didn't help.)

WS W (mx) wrote: It was a courageous trial to depict all the politics & tricks happened inside a company but putting outside the scene of an office. Plotlines were narrated by characters in different sports scenes throughout the movie. The outcome, however, is not good. Far-fetched, monotonous & lack of convincing supports & construction for developing both the story & characters.

Matthew P (es) wrote: This was a fantastic adventure that had me laughing and smiling. The budget of course is low but the characters and their quirks played well invoking emotion from me. The storyline is not complex but it was fun and had a raw feel as if this could have been a trip I would want to go along with.

The Critic (kr) wrote: A brightly coloured venture for the world's most popular doll, which has a strong fairy tale element than her previous direct-to-video/DVD films. Although not as engrossing as it could've been, this finely animated movie features a sparkling cast of characters and songs that won't bore its young audience.

Greg L (ca) wrote: This movie is really crappy. They were great until this one but the main guy gets what he deserves.

Sanford R (mx) wrote: Pretty entertaining comedy

Zachary F (es) wrote: A unique thriller, as only the Coen bros could create. While the accents are laid on a little too thick, the film still delivers some interesting characters that make the film's quirky plot memorable.

Lorraine J (es) wrote: I saw this so long ago, when I was but a teen. Made me want to go to Greece. Doubt I'd have the same lifestyle though as these beautiful people did.

monsieur r (jp) wrote: 1959 Western proves blood really is thicker than friendship. These two former outlaws are now older and settled down and best of friends. Even so, their reuniting is bitter sweet as they battle it out when one of their son's kills the others wife. Wonderfully shot in the wide open spaces of the West by famed director John Sturges. Tends to be a traditional American Western with the lawless West pitted against a lone lawman. Apparently set in turn of the century times, gas lights are seen on the streets of town as well as 4 wire telephone poles. One can even see power lines? in the distant background, no doubt a mistake by somebody. I fully expected to see a model T Ford come down the unpaved streets. This late fifties film is so cliche, even the town's name "Gun Hill" is preposterous. That said, casting Mexican born Anthony Quinn in his role of cattle baron was not the best choice for me. Kirk Douglas, of course, is a natural as the lonesome lawman. Beauty Carolyn Jones is the lone woman in the cast who knows Quinn all too well. Slow paced and in color at 94 minutes, this still ranks as one of the better American Western dramas I have seen, if only for the cinematography and great acting performances of Douglas, Jones and Quinn. The son, Earl Holliman I never did like in anything he did as he was usually a liar or scoundrel. NOTES: The script is by James Poe, based on a story by Les Crutchfield. The film contains elements of High Noon, 3:10 to Yuma and Sturges' own Bad Day at Black Rock. CAST: Kirk Douglas as Matt Morgan Anthony Quinn as Clay Belden Carolyn Jones as Linda Earl Holliman as Rick Brian G. Hutton as Lee CREW: Directed by John Sturges Produced by Hal B. Wallis Written by James Poe from a story by Les Crutchfield Music by Dimitri Tiomkin Cinematography Charles B. Lang Jr. Distributed by Paramount Pictures 1959 Running time 94 min.

Kris B (au) wrote: I just found the fact that Robert was far too old to play a father of a ~10yo girl too distracting, which I'll take as the storyline not being good enough

Muffin M (mx) wrote: A biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and her romance with a young Irishman. also stars James McAvoy, Julie Walters, James Cromwell, Maggie Smith, Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy Cohu, Laurence Fox and Ian Richardson.directed by Julian Jarrold.