Ich war Hitlers Bodyguard

Ich war Hitlers Bodyguard

A portrait of Manfred Pichota, played by Peter Berling, tells about the period in which he was the F├╝hrer's bodyguard.

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AW C (it) wrote: Laid in America was not made because the "film-makers" had a legitimate movie they wanted the world to see. They wanted to make money off of a dreadful script by sticking two youtubers in it, and hoping they'd be funny. Spoiler alert: they're not. And neither is the entire movie. That is, unless you want to see "humor" that would be mediocre on youtube sketches for 2 hours. The worst "movie" of 2016.

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Steve W (us) wrote: In the prequel to mystery martial arts film Detective Dee, Mark Chao takes over the titular role of Dee and faces off against a massive conspiracy against the Tang dynasty. A fierce sea dragon is terrorizing the Tang's navy, and Dee teams up with a gung-ho officer, a young healer, and a consort in order to solve the mystery of the Sea Dragon. The martial arts fights this time around are not done by Sammo Hung, and although they are pretty to look at, they get a bit incredulous at times.The overall story and mystery are well done, with an epic adventure style tone. It reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, because of the sea monster attacks.Combining an epic scale of adventure and mystery with solid visual effects, Young Detective Dee is a highly entertaining prequel to the original film.

Paul C (es) wrote: Not THAT good. Had some pretty good parts though. No masterpiece.

John J (kr) wrote: I had the privilege to go see this movie in Southfield MI.First off, I gotta say Home Run Showdown was pretty darned entertaining. There were several plots within the movie. The main plot is centered around a boy, Lori (Kyle Kirk), who wants nothing more than to impress his father by making it to the Home Run Showdown so his dad can see him play baseball on tv. But Lori(TM)s father is in prison for protecting the names of illegal immigrants. As the story progresses, Lori is cut from the favored team to make it to the Home Run Showdown, the Red Sox. As a result, Lori resorts to assembling his own team of talentless misfits called the Cubs who later affectionately name their team the (S)Crubs. Another sub plot of the movie is about a competitive athletic girl, Fassi (Emma-Lee Hess) who doesn(TM)t want to play girls softball, but instead wants to play baseball on a boys team. Then there is a long heated sibling rivalry between two brothers, Joey Deluca (Matthew Lilliard) and Rico (Dean Cain) who coaches the Red Sox. Lori and Fassi recruit Joey to be the coach of the (S)Crubs and the storyline thickens. Ultimately the brothers Rico and Joey collide as the (S)Crubs and Red Sox meet on the field to play for the privilege to go to the Home Run Showdown. The competition heats up even more when their father (Barry Bostwick) stokes the flames of the family rivalry by granting the winning brother who(TM)s team wins the Home Run Showdown, ownership of the family bar.Because of the added subplots, the movie never lagged for a moment. I was totally entertained from start to finish. After falling asleep once last week during ~Rise of the Dark Night(TM) Home Run Showdown was both funny and refreshing.Additionally, the acting was great. Dean Cain and Matthew Lilliard lead the way with one of their finer performances each. Other notable stars were Annabeth Gish, Wayne Duvall and Barry Bostwick. The kid actors were great, right down to the extra(TM)s. It was evident that the kid actors in this movie can play baseball with the best of them. If I had one complaint, I have to wonder why only a select few kids on the (S)Crubs team never spoke. This was the sole reason why I didn(TM)t give the film a top rating. There was one scene in the movie where Joey (Matthew Lilliard) turns over the coaching duties to one of the players on the team. The kid who obviously had no speaking role in the film really did the best he could by communicating with body gestures. But it really made for an awkward point in the movie. I have to say that I just can(TM)t imagine watching other predominant baseball movies like say, The Bad News Bears where only 1/3 of the main team(TM)s characters spoke. Don(TM)t let this one flaw of the movie stop you from seeing Home Run Showdown it(TM)s a hoot and is one of the best little league baseball movies to date!

Tonje M (jp) wrote: I liked this movie, much because I'm thinking of joining the army myself. It inspires me to try harder. Also, it gives me a view of how the environment is in the US. The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy", seems ridiculous! As far as I know the law is being lifted, or has it been lifted already? I really hope so. Any human-being deserves to serve their country, no matter what their sexual orientation is.

Andrew M (au) wrote: 300: Rise of an Empire really has no reason to exist. Its predecessor wrapped up its story nicely and needed no further elaboration on that world and its characters, and yet seven years later, we're given a film that is simultaneously a prequel, a sequel, and a concurrent story to the original 300. Surprisingly, it's actually better than 300: granted, that's not saying all that much.Despite sophomore director Noam Murro taking the reigns from 300 helmer Zack Snyder, much of the style that made 300 so beloved is retained: Murro manages to recapture the same tracking shots and speed ramping to keep the film visually consistent. This go around, however, most of the action sequences take place on the seas rather than on land, which is a refreshing change of pace if only in that some of the more outrageous elements of the first 300 are mostly eliminated (looking at you, giant elephants and grotesque hunchbacks). Not to say that all of the over-the-top elements of the original are gone: in fact, in some ways, Rise of an Empire amps them up to the next level. Stab wounds produce absurd amounts of blood that seem to have the consistency of jelly, and characters make leaps and bounds comparable to those of superheroes. The film is just as historically inaccurate as its predecessor, and the writing is equally bland. There's little to no motivation behind the war sequences besides the fact that there's no movie without them, and the pump up speeches start to lack the impact they intend to have after being repeated too many times.There is one aspect of the film that truly manages to keep everything afloat (pun intended) though: Eva Green. In a role that arguably puts Gerard Butler's testosterone-fueled performance to shame, Green is delightfully evil as the lead antagonist Artemisia, and somehow manages to have more depth and relatability than the protagonists. It's obvious that she's having a blast in the role, and her presence really makes the film. Unfortunately, the protagonists lack the same gravitas: Sullivan Stapleton is bland and wooden as Themistocles, and Lena Headey's reprisal as Queen Gorgo is shamelessly reduced to what's little more than a glorified cameo and a voiceover narration job.If more of this fictional world of testosterone-ridden (and perhaps slightly misogynistic?), ultraviolent action setpieces is your cup of tea following 300, Rise of an Empire is right up your alley. If not, it won't be converting you any time soon.

Ted W (au) wrote: Great awesome intense scary heart breaking movie Starring Will Smith. Will Smith in this movie is amazing, I never knew he could be this could at a serious role, I thought he was only good at comedic movies. In this movie Smith proves that he is one of the best actors out their in Hollywood. You get to know the characters really well in this movie except the last two characters we see, a little boy and an adult woman but the Movie focuses on Will Smith's character surviving in the apocalypse with his dog and feeling sad about whatever happened to his family. Awesome special effects of how the animators showed the humans that had the virus. I bet everybody in the audience watching this movie was sad when the dog died because that's the only living loving person that Will Smiths character had, Sam the dog is one of the most helpful smart but not smart enough to stay out of the sewers cause she could have gotten the virus from the mutant dogs with the virus and Will Smith's reaction to everything was amazing. I wish this movie was longer but I enjoyed the movie either way.

Girlie A (gb) wrote: You can't lose something you never had

laura b (au) wrote: really good film, really funny, good plot, good cast and just an awesome film

Netchie C (kr) wrote: Wish I could see this again. cant get it here

Jonathan M (jp) wrote: Given that the film is ultimately about leaving behind the cold-war world, I don't think it could have found a more oblique way there. This movie feels much longer than its nearly 2.5 hours, partly because of its distance, washed-out colours, and near faceless characters (also, the diplomat seems miscast with an actor far too young for the role). Desplechin's later films are apparently much better so there's no need to a be a completist in this case.

Ms Amanda J (gb) wrote: Most of Prior's movies are about war. Yeah, that's right, Killer Workout is in a league of its own. It's a shame because this director can't put out a good movie for his sake and the only reason I would watch a Prior film at all is because I think a certain actor's hot (and I don't mean his bro, Ted).

Magnus C (us) wrote: Totally cheesy and terrible acting. Besides that this film still has some of the best martial arts ever caught on film. If you`re not a martial arts fan, you should avoid this film at all costs.

Leo L (es) wrote: no happy ends in my thrillers, please...

Danny D (au) wrote: For an unintentional comedy/horror mix this one's great, plus it's the first time (I know of) that you actually see the dead rise from under the grave instead of just wandering onscreen