Ich warte nicht auf dich mit diesem Tag

Ich warte nicht auf dich mit diesem Tag

In I am not waiting for you with this day four elderly people demonstrate and reflect the stillness and usefulness of time, waiting at the in-between of life and death.

In I am not waiting for you with this day four elderly people demonstrate and reflect the stillness and usefulness of time, waiting at the in-between of life and death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ich warte nicht auf dich mit diesem Tag torrent reviews

Christian S (br) wrote: Un sur la descente et la rsurrection d'un ado perdu.

Josh M (ca) wrote: Not real amazing but not cringeworthy bad or anything.

Matt R (au) wrote: The last 'great' Val Kilmer movie... (so far), this is movie is terrific, and solely because of Val Kilmers performance. A little bit reminiscent of A Perfect World, but interesting and entertaining in its own right.

Mark S (it) wrote: I love Pete Schwaba from his guest appearances on Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny. He is delightful in this movie. It's a decent road trip kind of movie. Made better by the quirky characters.

Rick B (mx) wrote: I caught this on cable over the summer. I was quite surprised by how good it is. The swerve at the end is awesome! If you ever catch this on your cable grid, by all means, make sure you watch it. You're in for a real treat.

The Evan o (br) wrote: loved it...it was funny....love the song

xxshafi 4ever xxx D (es) wrote: i love this movieeee :D

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Capturing the inherent tragedy and intrigue of the controversial autobiography, A Dangerous Mind is an adaptation worthy of watching. Directed by George Clooney, the film has a distinctive feel, almost surreal in parts, capturing the apparent erratic and strangely brilliant nature of its subject, TV producer and purported CIA assassin Chuck Barris. Starring Sam Rockwell, his performance envelopes the screen and the Barris persona. Liberties are taken, to be sure, but the heart of what the book was trying to get across was captured. Once more, the Clooney film added to the story what was otherwise missing--relatable relationship dynamics and even greater drama. Especially effective was the cut-ins with real-life interviews.4/5 Stars

Steve G (ru) wrote: "Under Siege" is a classic 1990's action due to its intense climax, great acting and lack of computer generated images. The plot to "Under Siege" is the captains' birthday awaits and everything is planned. On the evening a group of terrorist take over and it's up to one chef/former "S.E.A.L." named "Casey Ryback" portrayed by "Steven Seagal" to stop the terrorists. The movie opens with a classic introduction to "Casey" which is him talking to his friends. The scene shows that "Casey" is a nice person, which makes the audience care for him. The action-sequences in this movie are intense and exciting. The action sequences that show "Casey" and "Jordan Tate" portrayed by "Erika Eleniak" together are splendid they show their relationship grow and develop. The movie's climax certainly lives up to the suspense mixed with the amazing cinematography by "Frank Tidy". This is the first time seeing "Steven Seagal" in an action movie, honestly as a film critic his performance blew everyone away, it was terrific. "Gary Chang" creates music for drama/action and even rock and roll. "Gary Chang" does a swell job due to being able to change the emotion correctly in his music. By far the best thing about the movie is the cinematography "Frank Tidy" both an experienced and talented man films "Under Siege" with darkness and excitement. If you are a person who enjoys "Steven Seagal's" action movies then I highly recommend you watch "Under Siege" as it has splendid performances, amazing filming and a superb film score. This movie doesn't have too many flaws; to list them would be nitpicking. Although the movie does have some parts of it that could improve slightly, the movie's script is most likely the biggest issue but once again small details. I give 1992's "Under Siege" an 8.5/10.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Terrifically oddball British New Wave comedy/drama about artist David Warner slowly losing his mind and going off the deep end when his wife, Vanessa Redgrave, plans to divorce him. There's a bit of Walter Mitty in Warner's character, but the comedy is much darker as it's clear that Warner is also losing his mind. The film seemed to start a bit slow for me, but once I got into it, I was really into it! The film is truly hilarious in parts and truly poignant in others. The gorilla suit scenes near the end were my favorite. Not a film for all tastes, but if this is your sort of thing, you're in for a treat.

Jonathan P (gb) wrote: Bardot may be the most sexy women ever to have walked the face of the earth, but even as striking as she is she couldn't save this lame movie from failing terribly. The premises is interesting, but you just want to shout at Bardot for sticking with her man. The only reason to see this movie is to see Bardot, one of the most beautiful woman ever.

K G (de) wrote: Slower than its Predecessors however still fun and enjoyable

Farah R (ca) wrote: The Rover is excruciatingly prolonged for such a simple plot. Amidst the bleak and dull hours of its runtime, Pearce and Pattinson deliver commendable performances.