A former US Operative, who lived in Russia in his earlier years and had been married there with a child, comes out of retirement to face down a former enemy, now running as a candidate for President in modern Russia. Working with a Russian policewoman, they work to uncover a plot to use biological weapons against certain factions of the Russian people to commit genocide. The virus would also be released in other populations, but would be treated making the candidate a hero. A side plot has the agent being reunited with his long lost daughter.

On the eve of the elections in Russia, there's an outbreak of a mysterious disease. The British are curious to find out what's going on, so they need to send someone. An official knows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Konrad A (jp) wrote: Some what funny I saw it on tv it's not my favorite movie, but I do think how The ladies are competing to get a boyfriend that was silly.

Lawrence C (ru) wrote: Way to much of the N word for this white guy

Sandipsinh S (kr) wrote: Loved each nd every moment of this movies. Nice nd fresh movie..... Would recommend for sure.

Viktor N (us) wrote: A bad version of the American Pie concept.. had some laughs though

Lee M (fr) wrote: Illuminates a highly-charged part of the modern male psyche and the restlessness of a very specific kind of young adult.

Lanky Man P (au) wrote: An original way to try to scare you through your biggest fears. This one doesn't work.

Sarah S (kr) wrote: A little non-descript movie that ended up surprising me in the end. A little rough around the edges but somehow works. Great performance by Judd.

Susan M (de) wrote: Hollywood needs to take a few lessons in movie making from films like this. Brilliance.

Lucas A (au) wrote: Another fascinating Woody Allen's masterpiece! Bullets over Broadway scenes the follies of a theatrical production and the artistic genre of theater. Magical, romantic and true, Woody Allen surprises us with a lively script and a wonderful cast!

Nagvendra S (fr) wrote: Watched it around 10 years ago on TV. Great idea and pretty entertaining.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, March 17, 2014 (1981) Buddy Goes West/ Occhio alla penna DUBBED SPAGHETTI WESTERN COMEDY If I was like 5 or 6 years old, I might've suck up this movie, since kids in general can have very short attention spans, and that everything would've been funny to me. The movie is full of fights that's similar to "The Three Stooges", but in an unconvincing kind of fashion. It stars Bud Spencer of many Spaghetti Westerns, he plays Buddy which he manages to convince the cavalry to let go a Native American who barely can't speak any English, named Eagle Eye played by Amidou. At this point, Buddy want to part ways, but Eagle Eye still want to remain close to him, unbeknownst what the reasons are, for he appears that he doesn't belong to any tribe and is completely rogue- he also may have a felt a certain amount of obligation for saving his life. Anyways, upon ducking into a train, Eagle Eye then chases it only to pretend to rob it for continents of a bag, thinking that's there's gold in there. Buddy decides to go along with it, pretending to be Eagle Eye's hostage. And it was at this point where there relationship start to escalate. They then come through a town, dealing with a conniving and deceitful sheriff, which both Buddy and Eagle Eye become saviors of the town itself. Because it's supposed to be a movie that is somewhat intentioned for kids, since a high percentage of Spaghetti Westerns are violent for it really plays like the Italian version of Disney's The Apple Dumpling Gang which people can be hit so many times without any signs of any bruises and blood and so forth, and for cheap laughs. 2 out of 4 stars

Adonna C (ru) wrote: this is the best spaghetti western ever made

Rosemarie S (es) wrote: Words cannot describe the absolute cheese that is ??Bloody Pit of Horror??. If you are desperately searching for a good laugh, this movie could definitely be for you ?? however you??d have to be pretty desperate to sit through this 87 minute corny mess of a movie. It??s pretty much a possession type movie mixed with obscenely sexual torture scenes (pretty much the only time you??ll ever see the possession and torture porn sub-genre mixed together). And no, the torture is neither gory nor splattery. The victims are all scantily clad women getting their bras torn off. Seriously.The premise of the film is that a group of photographers and their models are scouting for a location to shoot pictures for the covers of horror novels. They end up finding a castle owned by a rather stern man who only lets them continue shooting pictures becasue he realizes his ex-girlfriend is one of the photographer??s crew. God were those photo shoots ever bad. The horror novels must be goddamn cheesy if those pictures are going to be on the covers. They pretty much did shots of half-naked girls lying on torture chamber devices and fainting in the arms of grown men dressed up as skeletons. The photoshoot ends up going awry after one of the photographers ??accidentally?? falls into a pit/well and dies. Everyone becomes a little bit more cautious, but that doesn??t stop one of the models from dying horribly (trapped in an iron maiden) and another model from dying stupidly (caught in a fake web with probably the fakest paper mache ??venomous?? spider in the world).We find out that the castle??s owner believes himself to be possessed (or is actually possessed) by the crimson executioner. A torturer from the middle ages who was executed. He ends up entrapping the rest of the models and subjecting them to horrible torture like the rack or the spinning wheel or the cold water running down the spine (oh no, cold water!). The models don??t even seem to upset they are being tortured by a buff hottie; they moan in what appears to be a borderline orgasmic state. Either they are terrible actors, or they like it rough. One of the photographers escapes to get help, and sets up probably the funniest scene in this movie ?? the other photographers assure the models that their friend has escaped to get help, and the scene cuts to the friend driving around in his car aimlessly with an arrow sticking out of his head. Hilarious. Another hilarious scene occurs when the girl stuck in the spiderweb has a rescuer attempt to save her by navigating towards her under the spider??s web (if he pull the stings of the web, an arrow will shoot him). Her rescuer shimmies on his back under the web at the pulse-pumping speed of like an inch every 5 minutes. I??m not even sure why he didn??t just bother throwing his shoe at the web to detonize the arrow. It was simply hilarious seeing him try to navigate the web ?? seriously, I couldn??t stop laughing. He finally gets to the girl, but it??s of course too late since the paper mache spider already bit her. He then proceeds to like brush away the huge spider, apparently suggesting the spider only bites hot chicks?Knowing how shitty this movie is (I??d seen it already once before) I didn??t bother subjecting myself to watching the ending yet again. Suffice it to say that the crimson executioner (an oiled up meathead wearing red spandex tights and accompanied by equally beefy henchmen wearing spandex striped muscle shirts) fights it out with his ex-girlfriend??s new beau. They exchange some karate and jodo-chop stylings, and then the crimson executioner is vanquished. The entire fight is accented nicely with the annoyingly repetitive 60??s style horror music that sounds screechy and unnerving at some points, but just downright redundant later on. Is this a movie worth checking out? Hell no ?? unless you??re in the mood for some red spandex, scantily clad bimbos, and some bad Italian to English dubbing translations.

Julian H (mx) wrote: Surely, one a classic. Even though the love story was washed out, this is a memorable film to watch.

Scott M (jp) wrote: The best movie about high school kids and partying ever. Nostalgia. Throw-back to the 70's. The look, the smells, the feel, its all here. One of my favorite all time movies.