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Michelle D (it) wrote: I thought this played on streotypes a little too much but overall was a decent movie.There was the black guy with the anger problem and then there were the white trash dumb racist hillbillies,EH.Whatever.Anyway,aside from a few annoyances,it was OK.

Iain B (ru) wrote: Good old school horror akin to the old hammer films, which is about as much horror as I can take compared to the modern quiet quiet bang of the so called horror films of the modern era

Shawn O (us) wrote: The movie had me laughing out loud and a bit disturbed at some parts but overall; a good movie. Anyone who needs a quick laugh will greatly enjoy the movie.

Valeria R (ru) wrote: IDK, I am starting to not at all take into account rotten tomatoes when it comes to a excellent movie or the rotten tomato critics for that matter. This movie in my opinion was a great success and I enjoyed watching it. I also have notice all of the critics having too much to say about why they feel the movie sucked to them. if I or anyone else for that matter gives a shit about your opinion. I will be my own judge of how I like or dislike a movie. I certainly do not have to tell the rest of the world on rotten tomatoes how much I did not like it. Whatever rotten tomatoes. I will judge a movie your critics suck!!!

Zak D (it) wrote: Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Perry can't write worth shit and is a moron, catering to the stereotypes of black americans to the point where it seems almost racist in itself.

James F (br) wrote: Maybe I just have a soft spot for Calista Flockhart. I've always liked her since her small role in [i]The Birdcage[/i] and [i]Ally McBeal[/i] really didn't dull her appeal. But since then she's disappeared off the mainstream map, showing up in roles here or there, but not where you'd think to look. So part of me wanted [i]Fragile [/i]to be good. That and I'm always eager to find a good ghost horror. As far as horrors go, ghost stories really tend to cater to the extremes. Either the movie is creepy or it isn't. Some drag while others lose the plot, but you can definitely draw a line that separates the scary and non-scary ghost horrors. In my opinion, at least. Regardless, it's often fun to watch something that just creeps on your psyche instead of the tension of slasher to the anticipation of zombies. Back to Calista, who plays, I presume, an American nurse working in England. A local hospital is busy closing and moving everything, but a recent train wreck suddenly caused chaos at other hospitals and the moving process has to slow down. After a nasty and strange incident, the night nurse who looked after the remaining child patients quits and Calista is brought in to take over. The film quickly establishes three premises: the ghost in this story is seriously pent up, the new nurse is trying to forget a past disaster of her own and any hospital where the second/top floor has been closed since the late fifties is not a good omen. Really soon one of the kids talk to her about a 'mechanical girl' who is apparently not very happy and the poltergeist won't even grant her a break on her first shift. There's nothing specific about [i]Fragile[/i] that makes me like it. I think it's more a matter of that it doesn't do anything really wrong. Flockhart portrays her role very well and you find yourself sharing her uncertainty and worry much more than the dread and panic usually associated with a haunting tale. The characters are all actually quite solid ? a good example is Matt, the guy keeping watch on the bottom floor. Near the end of the movie the character acts a lot more professionally than you first regard him as. This subtlety happens all over the place and [i]Fragile[/i] does not deteriorate into one of those movies where everyone just keeps thinking the lead character is crazy. There's something more believable about their conduct. But that also has to do with the film's pace. Not a lot of time is wasted on build-up and the haunt factor is pretty persistent through the film. It never really gives the audience room for serious breathing space, which makes it captivating. Even the tale behind the ghost ? the thing we always want to know ? is kept fairly under wraps. If you do figure out what is going on, you'll only be a few minutes away from the movie telling you just that. The director made a movie before this called [i]Darkness[/i], which I'll definitely try and see on the merits of Fragile. Fragile is not a spectacular film or even iconic in any real way. It's not particularly powerful either, nor does it pack a heavy punch. You don't end up feeling that creepy sensation down your spine when you walk down the hallway afterwards. But despite all of that I really enjoyed it, enough to recommend it. Purists and anyone looking for a really heavy ghost fix will pick it apart and find lots of problems. I've always found that that just spoils the movie experience and [i]Fragile[/i] definitely wouldn't stand up to the scrutiny. But why should it? It just wants to scare you a little.

Nicki M (es) wrote: Looked promising, but ultimately underwhelming. Also, Kristen Stewart is in this for about ten minutes, if that, so don't let that be a deciding factor in watching this! The first few minutes seemed interesting and it had it's moments, including a small appearance by Shiri Appleby, but I just found it did not hold my attention particularly well.

Sian H (ru) wrote: And it only gets that because Chris Evans try's so hard, but no matter how much you polish it it's still gonna be ****

Mique W (ag) wrote: A dark, intelligent, stylish thrill ride set in the beautifully lit French countryside, Swimming Pool plays to director Francois Ozon's strength in successfully hooking the audience and manipulating them with ease.

Magnus N (us) wrote: Plsa <3

Marcelo G (gb) wrote: Esse filme foi bem decepcionante. Aps o terceiro que foi levemente melhor que o segundo esperei mais melhorias nesse mas foi basicamente um pretexto para ter infinitas continuaes.Foi simplesmente um bom filme "Normal".

Charlie G (ag) wrote: This movie actually has fans and acclaim? Weird

Private U (ag) wrote: It's a nice little horror film--not particularly scary or unpredictable, but it's got a good cast (including Lorre and Alan Alda's dad, Robert) and a creepy atmosphere.

Barney o (mx) wrote: WHAT I LIKE: Perhaps most shockingly, this film makes the WW2 setting work and consequently grounds Steve Rogers in his shoes better than any Marvel movie has to date. Because everything's established so well, there's also some genuinely emotional parts that provoke a rare attachment and sadness amongst the Marvel audience. Think it's all gone soft though, and you'd be wrong, because Johnston packs this full of well-choreographed action scenes and retro montages that bring style to the substance too.WHAT I DON'T LIKE: It may not be the most mature affair if we're being honest...VERDICT: What a surprisingly good film; 'Captain America: The First Avenger' is just as full of heart as it's leading hero. A great start to a brilliant trilogy.

Richard M (us) wrote: "If you're feeling strong, my friend, call me "elf" one more time!" (Long pause) "He's an angry elf"

Duane R (nl) wrote: Classic Camp classic at its finest. Chainsaw devil cult lead by Gunnar Hanson (Does anyone but me get the joke??) kills johns for sacrifice. Who really cares about plot?? Movies like these are NOT meant to be watched for the plot!! Lots of Boobies and Blood! Fred Olen Ray is at his best and my dude Jay Richardson is at his clueless best!!(No relation I'm sure...I was adopted!) The Rocknroll Reverend gives this his Highest rating BUT I wish I could go HIGHER!!! Love this one!

Kevin M (au) wrote: mysteries don't get any better than this! great cast, great story, great movie!

Matthew Y (kr) wrote: Solid musical comedy with some good arrangements. Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick on top form